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2 ercaid

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: earcam

v (a) pricks, pierces, wounds; reddens (cf. 2 erc): oc Elpa ... rodn-erca saiget gelain a lightning-shaft pierced him LL 132b3 . Cf. earcam `I paint or colour red ... I kill, bleed' P. O'C.

(b) adorns, displays, makes known (? cf. O'Mulc. 414 , cited s. 7 erc): tri cóicta gol, erctha raind | im Chlidna `as staves declare' Metr. Dinds. iii 210.11 . i 46.7 . RC xiv 426.7 . (O'Clery's: earca rainn .i. dobheireadh ba ar rannaibh gave kine for verses, does not suggest that he understood the phrase.) clann Amargin ercctha chned, ZCP viii 218.1 (= ercda cned, 333.19 ). Ohel, Abia erctha buáid, SR 5513 (possibly this belongs to 1 ercaid: who increase triumph?). ainim d’Ultaib eircda bī 'a blemish on the Ulstermen whom the living praise' BDC 124.328 . ocht rig coecat ... o Amalgaid erccait māil | co Domnall as champions declare (?) ZCP ix 462 § 2 .

For ro herc m'úald, ACL iii 216 § 8 , we should perhaps read ro sherc (= ro sherg).