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2 fír

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Last Revised: 2019


adj heavy with milk, milch. Explained by glossators as 'white' and 'milk', Ériu xli 123-25: teora ferba fira, Laws i 64.1 ; glossed: fira .i. finda .i. teora bai iar fir ib. 15 ; .i. teora ba blechta .i. ba fir a mbeith co suth, 18 . teora ferbba fira .i. teora bae blechta, ar ita fír bliucht bó; biid dono fir finn ut dicitur teora ferbba fira .i. teora bae finna for there is f.¤ (meaning) `cow's milk'; there is moreover, f.¤ `white', RC xx 250.7 . fir .i. find, Corm. Y 585 . teora ferbba fira (.i. finna), 584 .