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2 fail

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place, spot , used only adverbially, but cf. ní ḟail [leg. fail ?] aslaig ar it is no place for an attempt upon (?) LL 161a2 ( Metr. Dinds. iii 104.3 ).

(a) with art. folld. by rel. clause, (the place) where (cf. c): don uile doman ó tá in f.¤ i turcaibh grian cosin inad i fuinenn from the spot where the sun rises CCath. 290 . in f.¤ i fagbad in días carat wherever he found two friends 2445 .

(b) more commonly in phr.: i f.¤ (with gen.) near, beside, along with (sometimes in sense of Lat. apud): na hóga batar i ḟail Brigte, Lat. Lives 81 . foracaib a claideb i f.¤ mBrigte, 70 . co ndessid cach díb i f.¤ araile, TBC-LL¹ 4579 . oc legund i f.¤ Mo Lasse studying with M., KMMisc. 208.9 = LL 285b45 . bui Cana ... tremsi i fail Guaire, Anecd. i 7.20 . Dīa mór im ḟail great God (be)with me ZCP viii 198z . in mac fil in t'ḟail, LB 138b43 = Todd Lect. vi 68 . is fair rosuidiged M. ┐ dí óig ina ḟail, FA 15 LB (ina farrad LU). laxe hi fail trōcoiri laxness accompanying mercifulness (i.e. as a defect of the quality) ZCP iii 450.5 . Of cohabitation: ata i f.¤ Noísen ... ben dingbala ríg, LL 260b17 ( IT i 74 ). ni rabi rigan hi fail ind rig, LU 10719 . i f.¤ Airt robói in Medb M. had been A's. wife RC xxv 24.15 . boí Mugain hi f.¤ Díarmata ┐ sí aimrit, LU 4235 ( SG 83.13 ). Of place: i ḟail na Róma near Rome LB 5a2 ( PH 333 ). a ḟail na fairrgi, ZCP v 21z . dobertsat amus for dereadh an tsluaigh i ffail na Seaghaisi, AFM t 1038.2 . Beside, seen in comparison with: nícon grádaigfer i f.¤ na óinmná no woman will be loved in comparison with this one Ériu v 209.23 . nach bí acht cluiche in gach olc oile ... i bhfail an bháis, TSh. 4020 .

(c) i f.¤ , folld. by clause, in the place where; where (cf. a): a bith i f.¤ i rraba that it should be where it was TBC-LL¹ 1235 . dochóid i ḟail i raba Ísu LB 160a41 ( PH 2602 ). co ndeachaid co Temraid i f.¤ i roibi ri Eireand where the king ... was Ériu ii 176.16 (in bail v.l.). im taeb ndess, i fail na raibi in sciath orum where my shield did not cover me Acall. 4005 . condus ficcdis i ffail i mbatar claidh, Hugh Roe 170.15 (f. 45b) . fail i f.¤ side by side (?): eilti a cupa ... in ḟir | muca ... f.¤ a f.¤ (of an ornamented goblet), 23 L 17, 135b ( Studies 1927, 288 ).

Cf. 1 bail.