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2 fichid

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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: fig—, fiuch—, fiuchthar, fichter, fiochthar

v ī (stem also fig—, fiuch—). Orig. identical with 1 fichid, it is in older lit. influenced by and sometimes confounded with the latter in fig. use. For meaning cf. 1 gal abstr. of 1 fichid.

(a) boils, seethes, bubbles (intrans.), of liquids, either hot or cold : in cetna dabach ... f.¤ tairse boils over LU 3794 ( SCC 36 ). in dabach aile ... fichis dornaib de boiled with bubbles as big as the fist LU 5202 = configfed durnu di, TBC-LL¹ 1367 (ro ḟiuch, fiuchais, v.l.). tipra ... fichid dar múr, is dar mag, Metr. Dinds. iii 326.36 (figid v.l.). tipra ... fichid fri aes fingaile `boils up' Ériu ii 114.1 . hi fail in tobair ... fiuchas ar theas in cech óidche, Alex. 349 . focheird in mbruth ... hisin muir coro fich in muir uile, LU 1879 . ro fiuch in loch, Laws i 74.4 . a fuarán eagna gur ḟich, Content. xvi 79 . Of fire : ro saigh do meit in teined ... a fil do lindib isin domun ... ni airdibhdhabhad, ar is ferg Dhe fhiches ..., Ériu ii 134 § 112 = ni tene fhiuchus ann acht ferg Dia, RC xxiv 381.17 . Cf. an chrithear do chaigleabair | do ficheadh rem oigdheadhuib, IGT III ex. 621 . do éirigh a uaill ┐ do ḟiuch a ḟearg, ML 138.29 . ca fróech na figed fri feirg? (`der nicht vor Zorn kochte' Wind.) TFerbe 266 . Cf. hi cath Crundmona ... a lám is a ferg rusfiuch, Fianaig. 74.29 (text doubtful ; rime with fuil seems required). fiuchais fercc Mhaol Rúaidhni, ZCP viii 224 § 30 . ? Dondchad ... dia fich in domun daightheach `through whom boils the fiery world' Auraic. 2206 ( IT iii 7 ; 39 ). rofigh cocad mor i Laignib i n-agaid Cathail burst forth RC xxiv 64.25 . With transference of subj. : ro fích a nGrecaib in scél sin (= incensed the Greeks to fury) TTr.² 586 . ro fichustar im maithe Erenn in gresacht sin incensed the nobles Ériu v 116.51 . (Trans.) fiuchthar (fichter, fiochthar v.l.) mil let honey be fermented IGT III ex. 624 . is meisge feirge rodḟioch that enraged you Content. xii 2 .

(b) bursts, explode (?), of a rock :s ro fich ┐ ro lassai inn ail la ēc C., ┐ rosescaind blog dind ailig fo sūil N., Corm. Y 698 . For vn. see fichud.