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2 forbaid

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Forms: forpaid, fuirbhthe, forbaide

n i, (< for + fid `an over-letter' according to KM, Wortk. § 214 ; but from that we should expect *forbud, and cf. forfid `diphthong'). The occasional spelling forpaid (p = bb) in YBL, e.g. Auraic. 3648 , 3655 supports the derivation for + buith (vn. of attá). Cf. forbbaid. As gramm. term a letter placed above the vowel of a monosyllable in Ogham to denote quantity , see ZCP xvii 298 ff . There were three `forbaide': forsail, expressed by `s' (i.e. síniud) signifying `long quantity'; arnin (`for n') expressed by `n' signifying that the latter at the end of the syllable is doubled, giving medium quantity to the preceding vowel (length by position), dínin dísail (`not n and not s'), signifying short quantity, expressed by `d': f.¤ dno .i. aiccentus lasin Laitneoir, Auraic. 810 . f.¤ fuit for cumair the sign of length over a short 824 . g s. esse fuirbhthe , Auraic. 907 . pl. in tan scribthar int ainm ogaim, is and scribtar na forbaide sea uasu fri realadh fuid ┐ gair no fri tennad, 1551 . Lec. 160rb 4 . ate teora forbaidi docuisin lasin nGaidel .i. airnin ┐ forsail ┐ dinin disail, 4768 . at iat tri fourbaidi 3660 . ite teora fuirbhthe dochuisnet, 1545 . do da f.¤ na nguthaige ┐ d aenf.¤ na taebomna, 822 . Cf. 1 foirbthe, 1817 , 1855 .