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2 fortche

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Forms: fortchi

adj io-iā = 1 fortchide. Covered, hidden, secret: beurla foirtche na bfileadh, RC iv 353 ( O'Cl. Pref . = MS. Mat. 558 ). bérla foirtche na bfiled, Book of O'Conor Don 12a (cf. 1 fortchide). nach tardad neach dia ndainaib breg umpo asna crandaib no dia anmannaib foirtcib cena, BB 497a4 ( IT ii2 103 ; the allusion is to the `crann gréine'). In sense covered (with) = endued or imbued (with) : fortchi, gl. imbuti (sceleribus) Lib. Hymn. i 73 gl. 47 . Compar. ba ... glaine o chraidi ┐ foirtchi in gach ṡualtaich annās gach bandscal more endued with all virtues (?) YBL 155b45 . foirtchi .i. dubh no dorcha : foirtchi bearrtha .i. monga dubha, O'Cl. seems corrupt. Cf. fortí.