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2 mind

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n (same word as 1 mind?) a blade or weapon? dercsait a minna [minda v.l.] a llind chró, Hy. v 65 (glossed .i. a ggau F; .i. a n-airm T). ? uathbhas Eamna Maiche .i. feiss fuirrí co minnu, BB 267a42 = co n-idnu, Leb. Cert. 6.10 . dar lium is inann ailt ┐ minn, amail adeir Duil: ma tonnach fo rinde araili toingthi fo ailt neime .i. fo na minnaib is aith amail altain `he swears by a virulent weapon, i.e. by the weapons that are keen as a razor', O'Dav. 160 (the gloss seems explanatory, minn = the halidom or object sworn on, in this case a blade).