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2 noch

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Forms: neoch

rel. pron. early Mod. Ir. development of neoch (< nech); used as subj. or obj. of rel. sent. or after prep. and in both genders; common in Bedell, but not used by Keating. Dia . . . noch thug misi ó thigh m'athar . . . ┐ noch do labhair rium, Genesis xxiv 7 . go gcluin an Tighearna bhur munbhar noch doghnithí, Exodus xvi 8. egla do bhreithemhnuis noch ata tu do fhrecar, Parrth. Anma 348.1 . is iad eiteadha na n-éan noch léar ḟágbhais an t-oiléan the birds' wings whereby thou didst leave, TD 20.45 . o anbainne an tesa nadurdha, noch o tuismigter imdugadh lenna fuair from which an increase of phlegm is created, RC xlix 50.5 . fiabrus . . . noch sa termin crichnuighthi an vii la a fever terminating on the seventh day, 55.26 .