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2 nocht

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Last Revised: 2019


adj o, ā. naked, bare, uncovered: is reil fornn feib atam nocht, SR 1347. conḟacca a mnai lomnocht, 1304 (see lom-). ciche nochta, PH 393. h'fhiacla uile nochta, 8131 . noco comraiced a thoeb fri húir noicht the bare earth, LB 33b54 . mo theach nocht gan ni as mo chind (i.e. roofless), ACL iii 236 § 5. claidib nochta unsheathed, FB 13 ; a common use, cf. urmhór an tsluaigh . . . ┐ a n-airm nocht aca, TSh. 1072. Of hair, uncovered i.e. loose, flowing? mac T. trilis nocht `of the flowing locks', KMMisc. 172.2 . a chiabh nocht!, Dánta Gr. vi 15 . fig. a beith ra-nocht is ro-liath too bare (unadorned), Auraic. 2070 (of verses). ? nocha ricfaidh nemh naemhnocht, RC xxxvii 345 § 7.

As subst. a naked person: biad do bocht, . . . étach do nocht, PH 6000 , cf. Laws i 144.30 . biadhadh bocht is nocht, Keat. Poems 1411. Nakedness? nocht .i. deanacht no náire, O'Cl.; the gl. is prob. based on Leb. Gab.(i) i 260.25 : nocht a fir (glossed .i. denacht) = fearrdacht fir, BB 42a8 ; leg. nochta fir? a nocht ┐ a nairi, TBC St. 1226 = nochta no nairi, TBC St. 1227 . See nochtae.

Compds. ¤aile a kind of open-work fence; gl. felmad, Laws iv 72.10 ; defined 76.20 as a fence made of stakes planted apart and connected at intervals by three bands of pleach-work, cf. O'Dav. 93. ¤chenn bare-headed , gl. non velato capite, Wb. 11c12 ; non velatam, 11c18 , where MS. reads nochit- (? noicht-). ¤fiaclach with bare teeth: ina n-ímágib . . . bélbuide nochtḟiaclacha (of people disfigured by hunger), LB 154b61 . ¤frecorthid: gimnasia .i. nochtfrecorthid ceill one who exercises naked, a gymnast, O'Mulc. 175. ¤machaire `bare plain', Laws iv 72.17 Comm. (oppd. to leth-m. `a half-cleared plain').