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2 reich

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v = roich (ro-saig); reaches, comes to: laoich dá reich Éire d'ḟaire to whom falls the guardianship of Ireland , TD 22a.15 . colg faobhairthe nach reich rinn `which no blade rivals', 19.8 . ní reich a ríomh they cannot be counted , Dán Dé xvi 23 = ZCP xii 384.24 . nach reich lem' radha uile | bheith ar amharc m'inmhuine that my sight avails not to behold my loved one , O'Gr. Cat. 453.6 . go reich up to, as far as (cf. O.Ir. co ricci): slighe . . . go reich ceard ar gcruthaighthe leading to our Creator , Dán Dé vi 11 . go reich ochd siolla as many as , IGT Introd. § 137 . See ro-saig.