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2 rosc

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Last Revised: 2013

n o (acc. to Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 621 derived from the verbal root sech- compounded with ro; cf. cosc, tásc, aithesc) apparently

(a) a short poem, ode or chant , of which two supposed exx., taken from a 16th cent. MS., are given in ZCP i 133 ; both composed in syllabic verse, without rhyme but strongly alliterated. (The abbrev. .r. often added in the margin of MSS. over against a rhapsodical utterance, and by Wi. Wörterbuch p. 748 assigned to this word, more probably stands for retoiric, see Heldensage p. 54 , cf. LU p. 108 . The word does not seem to occur in this sense in early Mid.Ir. lit., and Thurneysen (l.c.) suggests that the use is due to a misunderstanding of the abbreviation): itbert an rosg, TBC-LL¹ 3533 (Stowe) = rábert na briathra, LL. dichetal for otrach .i. adhbhal-cantainn le rosg nó orrtha, Triads p. 39.4 (gloss on § 117 ). rosg catha, Oss. i 156 . tus ruisc, Celtica x 148 n. 22 .

(b) a legal maxim or award (= roscad): .u. ernaile as[a] mberar in brethemhnus, a rosc, a fasach, a testemain, `Rechtsspruch', Cóic Con. 59 § 139 .

Cf. árosc, 1 indrosc and roscad.