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2 tabairt

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O. Ir. (Ml) vn. of do-ucci, in Mid. Ir. replaced by 2 tuicse (q.v.) understanding : ni doirb la nnech a t.¤ , Ml. 42c13 . conna bi ingnae les fri t.¤ nach reto, 44d6 . cenid ed insin as reid du th.¤ asin trachtad `though it is not easy to get that out of the commentary,' 85b11 . is assu immurgu a t.¤ a storier as forgartaid am manifestare `it is easier to deduce from the commentator that `manifestare' is an imperative,' 101c6 - 7 . is assu de t.¤ in ferso huachtaraig `it is the easier to construe the above verse,' 107c16 . See Irske Studier 119 ff.