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2 tellach

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n (see 1 ellach)

(a) taking out, abstracting: ellach .i. ni do chur ann ┐ t.¤ .i. ni do chur as, O'Dav. 797. is cuma ellach ┐ t.¤ doib `stealing into it or out of it is the same to them' (of thefts from churches), Laws v 172.8 Comm. ni chumgaba nech ellach na t.¤ im thegluchsa acht me fadéin `none shall have power to keep or send forth in my house,' Ériu vi 148.52 . ? Here also: iar t.¤ na scor `die Zelte aufnehmen,' Alex. 153 (? leg. télach).

(b) making an entry upon and taking possession of land . According to Thurneysen, ZCP xv 347 , means the taking possession of land to which one considers oneself entitled, but which is occupied by another who has no legal claim thereto. Frequ. glossed by techtugad, q.v. ni firteallach tuinighe .i. noco leis in fer berus techtugad is in ferand ... da techtugad ... in feraind ... mana tabra in t.¤ eile, Laws iv 2.17 , text and Comm. ceithra in teallaigh `the cattle brought to make an entry,' iv 8.1 Comm. atait secht tellaige la Feine, v 206.1 .i. secht techtaithe, 8 Comm. cethra hi t.¤ techta, v 268.19 .i. na cethra berar isin techtugad dlighthech, x Comm. ecmachta tellaig `impossibility of taking possession,' v 466.22 . Cf. dotellach (sic leg. `an invalid entry on land,' Plummer MS. notes), Laws iv 20.5 , cf. isin techtugud nindligthech, 24.17 Comm. = is inndligedh telluigh, H 3.17, col. 317 ( O'D. 415 ). Also do-ellag .i. etechta, H 3.18, 386b ( O'Curry 851 ).

Meaning not clear in: mad se in dara fer iachtarach a ngeilfine is marbadh ann, trian na cumaile don dara fer uachtarach ┐ t.¤ don fir uachtarach, ┐ t.¤ da athair ┐ da brathair ac dul sis ..., H 3.18, 225a ff. ( O'Curry 408 - 10 ) = Rawl. 506 fo. 41cd ff. ( O'D. 2358 - 9 ) (on division of `corpdíre'). issedh is t.¤ ann trian cach neich facbai ar theis cach nuairi, Rawl. 506, fo. 41cd ( O'D. 2358 ). is edh is t.¤ ann sunn, trian na roinne bis tareis beogus, H 3.18, 225b ( O'Curry 410 ). tellach senaithre `the land (possession ?) of ancestors,' Laws i 226.2 Comm. = tealluigib seanaithre, ii 12.24 . ? dochombi selba doib a coine sin di tellaigh, iv 6.5 .