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2 trogan

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n raven: `trogán' ar bhrainḟíach, Metr. Gl. 11 § 14 . luaidhi do gabair gripnigh grip | for faighthib andre trogain tric, BB 297b5 . Conaire ... is e do-feith trogain ┐ ba he bert troghain tar Breghae, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. i 27.23 (but see Ériu xxxiv 192 , CMCS xx 95 ). According to Meyer the expression ben trogain is connected with this and means female of the raven , being wrongly translated `birthpangs' by P. O'C. (s.v. troigh) and others: co nāch beith troigh mná troghain | for a ccollaib dia tograim `auf dass bei ihrer Verfolgung das Rabenweibchen den Fuss nicht auf ihre Leiber setze,' Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1919, 93 § 19 . garbae adbae innon fil | ... | i llūaidet mnā trogain tress `wo Rabenweibchen Kampf führen,' 98 § 19 = O'Curry 150 ( H 3.18, 82b ). Used as an imprecation: troigh mhna troghuin foruibh `pangs of a woman in childbirth,' ITS v 112.z . geis ort is troig mná troguin, Celt. Rev. ii 106.22 .