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3 á height, a height
3 acht stipulation, condition
3 adaig name of a species of bird
3 ág 1 cause, reason, occasion 2 on account of, because of 3In wider sense oppression, maltreatment; Hence danger, fatality, slaughter, etc.
3 aí 1on account of, because of 2 as regards, in the matter of 3for the sake of, for 4 nevertheless, however
3 áige time, fixed period
3 ail something pointed, weapon(?)
3 ailid insults
3 ailt height
3 ainféth lacking knowledge, foolish
3 airc eft, newt
3 aire In Laws . . . used to describe every freeman, `commoner' as well as noble, who possesses an independent legal status . . . Occas- ionally, however, aire is used in the more restricted sense of `noble' (as oppd. to `commoner'), which is its usual meaning in the literature; In more general sense noble, chief; Fig. of trees and shrubs classified as airig feda; Of major virtues and vices; Of the prow of a ship
3 airech packhorse
3 airer Some kind of fine apparently equal in value to one-seventh of a person's honour-price (eneclann) except in the case of kings.
3 airid ploughs, tills
3 airide smoothness
3 airlann correspondence, analogy, parallel
3 aite case, repository
3 aithech only in glossaries sow
3 aithnid 1 known, acquainted, familiar.2 one who is known, acquaintance, friend
3 alt house
3 amarc lees of olive oil
3 án cup, drinking-vessel; womb
3 ar says,
3 ara 1 charioteer 2In more general sense of messenger, attendant
3 art explained in glossaries as god
3 bach lasting
3 baislec deer
3 bang nut
3 banna head-band, diadem
3 basc Expld. as red, scarlet
3 bé night; a face, visage, countenance
3 bechta accuracy, preciseness, etc.; a right or due that is established or confirmed (?)
3 beith house
3 bil evil, bad; venomous- tongued
3 bille bill; letter, note
3 blá green, lawn, level field, plain; Place, ground; sanctuaries
3 bocach leaping (like a goat)
3 bolg, 2 bolg `gap' is an invention of glossators); gap, cleft
3 brann (fire)brand
3 breis increase; profit, advantage; majority; exorbitant interest
3 bri Apparently abstracted fr. bríathar. Expld. as word, speech
3 brocach anxious, distressed, sorrowful
3 broth boiling
3 brú edge, brink, bank; border
3 búailtech `snapping (?) hound' (of a warrior)
3 búas paunch . . ., pouch, . . . leather bottle or water budget
3 cadla goat
3 cailech rheum
3 cair an image
3 ceis circuit
3 cern victory, triumph; exploit, spoils(?)
3 cert cooking-stone, hearthstone
3 ces spear
3 cétach mantle
3 cía man
3 clí 1 body 2 bosom, heart 3(while) in the flesh, living; is born, takes flesh; dies
3 co 1 so that, and (consecutive) 2In quantitative contexts (to the extent) that, (so much so) that 3 until 4 that 5 so that, in order that.
3 cocraid fettered
3 coll neck, jaw, head
3 corc clan
3 corr well, pool, depression containing water
3 cró 1 violent death 2 wergild
3 crúach slaughter, wounding, carnage
3 cuingid champion, warrior, hero
3 dae a human being
3 dag a fish
3 dái bad, evil; bad-poor
3 dáig expected to, certain, doubtless, dear
3 dairt a dart, missive, clod
3 daithe to avenge
3 dalb kindly
3 Dall The name of a river south of Drobais
3 dallán A peg, plug or stopper
3 dam a house
3 dana whose
3 de each of the two, either of the two, both; neither
3 Dea 1the man, tribe, mountain of Dea the goddess
3 dechrad A following
3 dechraid 1 Follows, accom- panies, adheres or clings to
3 dee a scruple
3 deil female pig two years old
3 delb poor, miserable
3 delgnaide unlawful, wicked (?)
3 dend smoke, dust
3 derb doe (?)
3 derc berry; yew-berries; Acorn; pig-berry; a species of solanum
3 dét disposition (?); fancy, temper, humour, disposition
3 dí, día being
3 día day; always; by day, in daytime; Doomsday; Sunday; till Doomsday; at samain-tide
3 dían true (?)
3 dícenn man who owns no chief, i.e. a debtor or vagrant without chattels, kin, or means of livelihood ? (without legal protector ?): cach dicenn co rí, , a legal formula implying that the dícenn is dependent on the regulations which the king of the district makes on his behalf; occurs also iv 50; quoted by a precocious infant; a person without a head (i.e. chief ?)
3 díchell effort, pains, utmost endeavour
3 díden act of leading (to), bringing (about)
3 dígrád dishonour, disgrace
3 dlochtán kind of sprite or goblin (?)
3 doé rampart, circumvallation (poet.); mound
3 do-fich glows
3 don gift
3 donn theft; stolen property
3 dos froth, foam, scum
3 drenn melody (?); melody, music, a rhyme; quickness
3 droch straight
3 dúal severing, separating, (weaning?) (B. na f.)
3 dubán self-heal, prunella
3 dúil book; a book, a codex; genealogical line or list
3 dul rim (of a shield) (?)
3 ed law, rule
3 eis a fetter
3 ell troop, flock
3 eng a notch, grove, dimple
3 engach grooved, undulating; impressed, grooved
3 eó The meaning in the glosses apparently was stem, shaft, but in Mid. Ir. usually a tree; a yew; any tree remarkable for size or age; a champion, a leader; yew-forest; a huge or ancient tree, a yew-tree; green-trunked (?)
3 eochair A young plant or sprout in graft, a graft
3 ér keeping, guarding
3 erc a speckled fish; trout, salmon
3 err the raven's cry
3 es(s) a cataract, rapid; a rapidly flowing stream; of murmuring cascades
3 etal a fit, sudden rush (of feeling)
3 ethad space of time (?)
3 fail hiccup; the yexing or hiccough; Sobbing, weeping
3 failgech of the Uí Failgi
3 fál abundance (?)
3 fásach abundance, fertility
3 fath heat (?)
3 feis needle-work, handicraft (?)
3 féith a swamp, marsh
3 ferb a word (poet.); pure of word
3 fern good
3 fert miracle
3 fertach, firtach possessing virtues or miracu- lous powers (common epithet of saints)
3 féth calm, stillness, esp. at sea (cf. 3 féith); In moral sense quietness, tranquillity; calm and still; a dead calm; a calm sea
3 fíad 1 Uncultivated land, a waste spot; a wild woodland, wilderness 2a territory, land
3 fíal kin, related; a kinsman; relationship
3 finn a web or film in the eye; cataract (?)
3 fír milk
3 fisid knowingly
3 fochain a fighting, quarrelling
3 fochair some branch of poetic science (?)
3 fodb knot
3 fóir pursuing party, rescuers (see tóir); band, company; crew, company, fixed number, inhabitants etc.; Esp. of the inhabitants of a place, members of a race, etc.
3 fola possible, feasible; Of persons, able, capable (of)
3 follach, foillech striking, smiting (?); wounding
3 fonn melody, song; minstrels
3 for, far, bar says, said, quoth
3 formna ? moving
3 forrach an area of more or less defined extent; a meeting-place
3 fothach name of a disease of horses; glanders, strangles (?); glanders; a cough, cough- ing, the glanders
3 fraig a pointed instrument, a needle or stiletto (?); `probe' (part of a physician's property)
3 fras-, frais- 1 volleys; teeming; rain-cloud (?) scattered clouds (?); showery or rainy weather; rain-storm