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3 úais

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n m. poverty (?): angbach .i. iní dobeir in ingin a mbochta .i. in t-aon ndamh nó in t-aon capall, no iní ima tidnaicther in ingen bochtae, ut est, co ruice uais nó angbocht .i. is e in t uais ní na raibe aice fein ┐ doigh co fuigbed ó nach aile, O'Dav. 112 . ("`uais' is therefore the condition of one who though he has no property himself has the expectation of obtaining something from others ; whereas `angbocht' is the state of one who neither has nor expects anything," Plummer, MS. Notes). fri huais ngortae no nóina for tuatha, Ériu vii 148.29 (Ir. Penitential). This seems merely a special application of 2 úais.