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3 úaithne

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Last Revised: 2019

n a suture : adharca do cur ar ua[i]thnedhaib iarthuracha in chinn `cupping should be used over the posterior sutures of the head,' O'Gr. Cat. 180.36 . cidh fodera duine do thērnamh ōn derg dāsachtaigh dā letarthar eidir ūainibh an cinn, et duine ele gan tērnamh? 'why does one person recover from the derg dásachtach if it [he?] is wounded between the sutures of the head, while another person does not recover?', Ériu lxiv 7 (72.1.2 fo. 59v7). go roiceann in n-incinn a n-inadaib idir ūanib 'until it reaches the brain in the places between the sutures', Ériu lxiv 7 (72.1.2 fo. 59v10). a n-iarar an dīlechta ōn ūaine go ræle 'in the back of the pupil from one suture to the other', Ériu lxiv 10 (72.1.2 fo. 62v15). See also 4 úaithne.