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3 díden

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Last Revised: 2013


ā f. (vn. of do-feid (< di-fed-) Ériu xxxiv 190-92 , UR 118 ) act of leading (to), bringing (about) : mescetlach .i. in marcach duaine, ut est ar ding (? leg. didin) a fir mescetlaig .i. bis a cumas a chetuil, CIH iv 1515.10 . cía fili ar secht cumala -dlig ara dínsium, ara díguin, ar thothlu a ṡét i téol ┐ táidiu, ar thlenamain dia chiunn a chétmuintire, ar dídin a ḟir meschétlaig muintire for drochbésu? 'who is the poet who is entitled to seven cumal's for his being insulted, for violation of his protection, for the stealing of his chattels openly or secretly, for abducting his wife in disregard of him, for leading the member of his household who is competent to recite into bad practices?' UR 102 § 3 . dligid dall dídin 'a blind person should be led' BFF 72 § 3.16 . ? dia ndíte (MS. dia ndiden; ? leg. dia ndídin) nél tentide 'to guide them (?)' Blathm. 326 , UR 118 . beir dídan (? leg. dídin) do ṡlúaig do muir 'secure the leading of your host to the sea (?)' ITS l 82 § 12 , UR 118 . 'is oc dídin (MSS. oc do ditin, ac diten) do báis-siu atáu-sa ocus bia', olsi '"I am and I shall be bringing about your death", said she' Ériu xxxiv 190 (TBR) . See do-fed.