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3 dúil

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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: dul, duil, Duil

n i, f. Usually transld. book: dul, duil a book, a codex , O'Don. Suppl. ; but seems rather applied to certain accepted or authorized lists or compilations (poetic glossaries, rhymes, kennings, genealogies) of pre-Christian origin, which were no doubt in early times memorized and handed down verbally and some of which were known by special names (see below). duil .i. lebur, O'Dav. 601 . ? áiliu dáilemain dúilib dligid 'I pray for the cupbearer with books of law', Éigse xxxvii 77 § 6 . Cf. duil .i. sluinne[d] ut est ailiu Duilem duilib dligid I entreat the Creator by the pronouncements of the Law (?), O'Dav. 667 . duili sluinnti ┐ duile feda (both allowed by S. Patrick), Laws i 44 . ar teora ferba tic so, má's fir don duil a roib `if it be true for the book in which it occurs', 68 . rofoghluimset na hingina fessa ┐ duile ┐ amaidecht (.i. glicus), Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. ii 15 ( H 3.18 601 ). duili bélrai sicut est Duil Dromma Cett, IT iii 50 . dúile feda collections of letters (? = words) CMCS xv 9 (1 dúil?): sé duili feda (part of the 10th year's course of instruction for a bard), IT iii 54 (where specimens are given). tri choecat ogham ┐ na rēmenna ┐ na duile feda (subjects comprised under the head `gramadach'), Lec. 55a35 . slisnige is dúle feda, | áera rúne romera `books of lore', Metr. Dinds. iii 20 . incipit do duilib feda na forfid lasin filid (beginning of a list of words containing Ogham diphthongs), Auraic. 5417 . anmand fid . . . amail fogabar isna duilibh feda inn-ogaim, 1199 . d.¤ sloinnte genealogical line or list: coimgne co laega laidib la genelaigib co nduilib slointib .i. genelach fer nErind, Lec. 339a9 . Oft. prefixed to geneal. lists: incipit duili sluinti na ngenelacha, Rawl. 148b30 . duil laech-ṡluinte Lagen inso sís, 128a52 . duil tsloinnti o Laidgenn m. Baircheda, LL 387a31 . isin duil sluinti Laigen, BB 369a19 . duile sloindte na nDeisi annso, 149e4 . duilti (sic) sloindti na ngenelach, 173b10 . duilti sloindti na nGaedel, Lec. 408a21 . slicht duili Flainn Dúine Gemin sunn, Harl. 5280, 45a . Certain `dúile' were distinguished by names: the D.¤ Dromma Ceta (a glossary still extant, see ACL iii 141 ), IT iii 50 (see above). D.¤ Feda mair .i. nomen libri , H 3.18, 520 . is ainm do rig isin Duil Feda Mair, Corm. Y 209 (Clithar Set), see also 257 (Calpdae), 1171 (Segon), and 1197 (Sethar). isin Duil Fedha Mair, O'Dav. 369 , 1286 . isin Duil Feada Mair, ACL iii 247 . Dúil Laithne `Liber Latiniensis', Goid. 75 ff . D. Roscadh (compiled by Cendfaelad m. Oilella), Laws iii 550 . Duil (dúil, LB) Roscadach, Corm. Y 859 ; O'Dav. 896 . Duil R., 458 , 664 .