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3 imm-, im-

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Last Revised: 2019


prefix related to the preverb imb-, imm- and the preposition 1 imm, imb around, about; mutually ( GOI § 841 ); lenites; used with vn., subst. and occasionally adj. to express mutual or reciprocal meaning. For examples see the individual entries.

3 imm-úaimm

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n ( 3 imm-, im-+úaimm)

(a) mutual alliteration: co nimuaim fidraig ann (of the connecting of different stanzas by means of alliteration), IT iii 29.12 .

(b) mutual correspondence (úaimm in sense harmony) : ellacht imhuaim (immuaim, v.l.) n-eisci im rith [ṅgréne] (.i. comhúaim retha esci im rith ṅgréne) `he connected the mutual course of the moon around the course (of the sun)', RC xx 256.19 .

(c) ` reciprocal responsibility ' (Hessen) : imuaim rere bretheman, Laws i 266.16 , (glossed : a n-em uaim sin amhuil us riar do brethemain, 298.1 Comm. ). ar ní dlegar imuaim folad do coimteach fri ní bes lia ochtur `for reciprocity of goods is not enforced by law in the case of neighbours exceeding eight persons,' iv 126.z Comm.