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Last Revised: 2013

Forms: meld

adj (O.Ir. meld) o, ā. pleasant, delightful: meall .i. aibind, Lec. Gl. 25. meall aoibhinn, Metr. Gl. 27 § 35. In lit. the word seems used either as pred. with cop. or as a subst. ba mór meld a acaldam `his converse was very delightful', Thes. ii 291. 14 (Ml. Cod.). ba mór meld a gnás, Ériu iii 106 § 47 (in both exx. the word might be taken as g p. dependent on mór). cach a foferad a midcuardta medracha ara mesce m.¤ , Ériu iv 163 § 27 (perh. subst. preceded by gen.). ? gabh lat go mín milis m.¤ [mall MS.] | t'urnaighthe ┐ do leighend ` pleasantly ', BNnÉ 170.21 (late ex., reading doubtful).

In follg. exx. seems a subst. (ā, f.?) sport, game, revelry? Mag Meld (name of the Irish Elysium), Imr. Brain §§ 34 , 39 (mell v.l.), prob. g p. rí dhúine Muige Mell, SG 256.23 . i ndúnad Muige m.¤ , 257.7 , 9 . ferrdi in liath a Muig Mell (of Christian heaven) Éigse xxix 172 . i n-inis na mell, LU 10097 = i nInis Subai, Imr. Brain Meall ┐ Tēidi ┐ Rocain a tri muige cluiche (of the Tuatha D.D.), BB 35a16 = Mell ┐ Teiti, Lec. 25 a 47 . Cf. further: ailiu laith lam co meild maith, O'Dav. 1218 (I ask to have ale with revelry?); dobeir macdath for cach meild (casts astonishment on every festive gathering?), LL 49b16 ( Hail Brigit § 3 ).

Compds. slogu na maccradh isnaibh meallmuigib `pleasant fields' (? play-fields ), Ériu ii 124 § 69. ? hi meiltmaigib, TBC-I¹ 1064 (rhet.) = hi meltmuigib, LU 5546. ? ni gáubu cetchinta for mnaib meldrígi, LU 5439 = meldirgi, TBC-I¹ 963 (rhet.); 'in truth the first offences are by women of pleasant rule' ZCP xlvii 54 . See also mellbreth.