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3 mes(s)

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Forms: mes(s)e, meas, Mese, Meissi, Meis, Messe

n g s. mes(s)e. A fosterling , see ZCP iii 470. meas .i. dalta, O'Cl. Used

(a) in compds., see meschú, -chuire.

(b) folld. by a gen. in personal names; orig. a descriptive term or cognomen. Mesloen (cognomen of Berchan), Thes. ii 280.33 (Adamnan V. Col.). Mes Buachalla, BDD 7 (mother of Conaire Mór, so called because fostered by herdsmen, § 5 ). IT i 130.16 . gen. Mese B., BDD 7. Mesi B., 8 . Meissi B., Ériu iii 139.21 . mess Codail `C.'s fosterling' (of Ériu), Metr. Dinds. iv 186. Mes Dead, CRR 40 (v s. a Meis Dead, ib.) = Mess Dia, Metr. Dinds. iii 108 ; Mes Dé, LL 31b32 . g s. Messe chon, Rawl. 154d36 , LL 327cz . Mesi corb, LL 311a27 . Later such names came to be regarded as true compounds and only the second component was inflected.

See also meisen.

3 mes(s)e

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