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3 muin , ? muín

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: múin, main

n occas. written múin and main) a wile, ruse, trick , chiefly in phrase: dobeir m.¤ im nech plays a trick on. main .i. celg ut est doberar main imbe, H 4.22 p. 67b (quoted IT iii 223 § 14 ). main .i. cealg, ut est cer mhor in main dobert Bricni im Conchubar, O'Dav. 1242 (cf. FB 10 ). eirg . . . ┐ tabair múin imme dús in dingebad dín, LU 4451 , cf. Anecd. i 22.7 . ro imrāid [Bricriu] aice ina menmain . . . doberadh muin [maín MS.] mór im Concobur in coica ingen . . . d'fagbail sunn that it would be a great hoax for C. to find, ZCP v 502.9 (the subj. is the follg. phrase, cf. IT i 144.31 ). doberthar tra múin impu co fessamar . . . `let a trick be played on them', RC xiii 444 § 24 ( LL 289b5 ). in tan atconnairc Príaimh in Troi fothaichthi . . . dorat muin imbe do chathugud fri Grécu he beguiled her (Troy) into a war with the Greeks, LL 399a 50 = dorat múin imbi, TTr.² 213 (`he felt a longing to fight', Stokes). is séimh in muin doberat Ulaid ummum-sa techt for muin mo mic the Ulstermen are playing me a subtle trick (in asking me) to go on my son's guarantee, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 26 § 5 (there is a play on the words 1 muin and 3 muin ). ionnas no fhóibéradh na Goill ┐ no béradh múin iompa, Hugh Roe 100.23 (fo. 27a) . ionnus no bheradh muin [sic MS.] im na Gallaibh do gaid a n-eoch forro, 246.5 (fo. 65b) . aiseadh dobheir maoin im Fhlann, comhardha na nGall ria a ais the standards of the foreigners behind him play F. false (i.e. their support proves a delusion), AFM i 508.3 . In proverbial phrase: tech iairn and so bar Cu Chulaind etar da thech claraid. Messu cach maín on bar Bricriu 'the worst of all treachery, a fate worse than death' LL v 35210 , Ériu xxxix 156 . bidh tathairte o feraib in talman inti clofiter ann: as fis . . . conidh messam cach main 'that that is the worst of all treachery' CCath. 4604 , Ériu xxxix 156 (= omne malum victi, quod sors feret ultima rerum , Luc. Phars. vii.122 ). Cf. a lōg mo chuil is mo cealg | mad rom-gab muin mō cach mairg 'if a fate worse than death (lit. 'woe') has overtaken me as a reward for my sin and deceit' ZCP vi 263 § 5 , Ériu xxxix 156 . Cf. muinbech.