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3 ros

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n (= ro-ḟis? See ZCP xix 128 ) knowledge (poet. and cryptic word): ros eolus, Auraic. 2685 . ros .i. ro-fhios; rosa .i. ro-fheasa, O'Cl. tuinmeall taman nach grian ros ([.i.] nach follus eōlus), ZCP v 485.6 (B. na f.). ina rois .i. ina n-eolus, H 2.15A p. 83b ( O'D. 1211 ). nidat cna rois, acht is cna amrois, Dinds. 31 = cnói dagruis, Metr. Dinds. iii 130.35 (`nuts of good knowledge', v 133 ). See rús.