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? 4 grith

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n u, m.: dognither gríth (omit ?) gretha do glan-fothrucud dóib (Vorbereitung ... zu einem reinen Bade, Wind.), TFerbe 84 . doronait gretha glanfothraicthi leo, CRR 24 . dorónait gretha glan-fothraicthe dóib, RC xiv 416.5 ( LL 109b41 ). no ḟoibrigti ... a grethaib gleorda glanusci ┐ a sruthlintibh ... `in bright baths of clear water' (of tempering armour), CCath. 5220 . If the meaning preparation suggested by Wind. in first ex. be right, the word has passed into a concrete sense in CCath. 5220 . Cf. Fél. Jan. 25 and Triads 99 , quoted 1 grith (e), where the sense may be similar. But see gretha.