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6 úr

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n (ur ?) fleshiness, fatness : may be subst. usage of 2 úr: mucc co nur (.i. co meithe uirre a n-áimsir a marbtha, no cua na nur) `a pig with fatness,' Laws i 122.10 ( 126.21 ). muca co nuir isunn, 170.8 Comm. oppd. to: in tan nachit metha, ib. 9 . Cf. however: do chairech .i. cen li no cen iuir, ib. 10 . mása comaith gabus a huir anosa in muc i [?] cus trasta, O'D. 1660 (< H 5.15 23a ) (`if it fattens equally well' Pl. MS Notes).