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7 fíad

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n (a variant of biad `food' ? But the word is doubtful) food: fiadh .i. biadh .i. ubhall ba fó fiadh .i. ubhall ba maith an biadh, O'Cl. (abhall ba fiadh fo `an apple which was good for food' P. O'C. ). The quot. is from Metr. Dinds. iii 144 : dercu ocus cnú ... ocus uball ba fó fíad (: chíar) ; `it was a goodly wilding' (see 2 fíad) ; the phrase may be a cheville, cf. SR 7455 quoted under 1 fía. Cf. further: dom-airbir f.¤ fath, RC xxvi 16 § 17 , where Stokes gives as alternative renderings `thou yieldest to me the food of learning' and `thou humblest me before knowledge' (1 fíad).