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Last Revised: 2013


n Appar. io, m. or n. in Lament 10 cited below, but f. in later lang. `the month of the beacon-fire', Pokorny, Jn. Celt. Stud. i 134 ; see also Études Celt. vi 65. time of the beginning of summer ; May ; first of May : belltaine .i. beil-tine .i. tene bil, Corm. Y 122. O'Mulc. 150. Note further Bil .i. o Biel .i. dia idal, 149 . nó co beldine ' diu . . . doaselbti dine gacha ceathra for seilb Beil. Beldine iarum bel-dine, dine cecha cethrai, ZCP iii 246.4 , 6 (Tochm. Emire). is dé roinn nobid for an mpliadain and .i. in samrad (sic leg.) o beltine co samfuin ┐ in gemred o samfuin co beltine, 245.26 , 27 . ón teinidh sin do-níthí i n-onóir do Bhéil ghairmthear Bealltaine don fhéil uasail ar a bhfuil lá an dá apstal mar atá Pilip ┐ Seamus; Bealltaine .i. Béilteine nó teine Bhéil, Keat. ii 3833. i mbelltaine `in May', Laws i 132.13 Comm. cus na belltanaib bida nesom `to the next May-days', ii 390.20 . ó belltaine co belltaine, iii 142.19 Comm. an treas lá do mhí na bealtuine, ZCP i 118.22 . gort i mbrāen mbelltaini a field in a May shower, ACL iii 238 § 5 ( Aithd. D. 80.5 ). braen na Bealltaine, Stair Erc. 2104. ada buada belltaine: / coirm, mecoin, suabais serig, Hib. Min. 49.4 . it falte na hingina / o thic doib co beltene (: sentane) `Mayday', Lament 10 (see note). la ria mBhealltaini `on the eve of May Day', Ann. Inisf. 1230.1 . imm lóei belltaine, LB 101 marg. inf. In n. pr. Gilla Crist Húa Mael-belltaine, RC xviii 191.14 (Tig.).