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Forms: B.

n. pr. ī, f., (a) name of goddess or members of triad of goddesses (see Sjoestedt and Dillon, Gods and Heroes of the Celts, 25 , O'Rahilly, Early Ir. History and Mythology 38 , 316 n. 2 ; (b) woman's name notably of Christian saint who is featured acc. to Sjoestedt and Dillon as showing the characteristics of the pagan goddess in the aspect of mother-goddess, cf. O'Rah. 315 n. 5 .

(a) B. .i. banḟile ingen in Dagdai . . . B. bandee no adradís filid . . . cujus sorores erant B. be legis B. bé goibnechta .i. bandé, Corm. 8. B. banḟile ingen in Dagdai Móir ríg Herenn, RC xxvi 31 n.2 .

(b) St. B., foundress and abbess of Kildare: oc baithis na hi Brigti . . . bad B. nomen ina hingine, Vita Br. 2. Sanct B. .i. naemB. indsin, Corm. 39. B. bé bithmaith, Thes. ii 325.15 (Hy. iv). amra sámud sanctBrigte, 328.7 (Hy. v). farsin n-aislinge . . . innahí Brigiti, Trip.² 2066. o Ḟeil Brigte (i.e. February 1, St. B.'s festival-day) co Feil Patraicc, Ann. Inisf. 1047.2 . abb Brigti abbot of Kildare, LL 4305. B. ingen Onitcerne ben Shencháin (a woman of the Tromdám), Tromd. Guaire 1039. secht meic Brigti ingine Dubthaig de Ultaib, Corp. Gen. 397.18 . (tribe-name) Genelach Hūa mBrigdi so, note n.

In nn. loc., see Hog. Onom. s. cell .