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Forms: -athralor, -ralór, atlathar, it-ralai, -atralaid, -roláid, athrola, athralsat, doathlasat, athchuirid

v (* aith-cuir-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 499 ) subj. pres. 1 s. -athralor, BDD² 419 = -ralór, LU 6875 . Cf. atlathar dal, Laws ii 130.19 . 3 sg. it-ralai, BDC 124.315 . ? 2 pl. -atralaid, BDD² 417 = -roláid, LU 6874 . Perf. 3 s. athrola, O'Dav. 104 . 3 pl. athralsat, BDD² 428 = doathlasat, LU 6884 . Later as simple vb. athchuirid (in bardic verse athchraid), based on prot. stem and vn. athchor, q.v.

I Trans.

(a) restores, returns, transmits, entrusts: ?cofristacor aidchuirtis duaithis form gl. insultantes obiecirent, Ml. 118c3 (text prob. faulty, see note and Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 500 . Perh. to be referred to II). In the follg. three exx. probably pass., but cf. intrans. use below: adcuiretar (adcuirethar, MS) do hógi `they return to integrity' (of the elements in a compound), Sg. 73b2 . adcuireddar doláni `they return to completeness', 202b3 . is tre ḟír ḟlathemon ad-mórchatha crícha cu námat curetar great battalions are despatched to the territories of enemies(?), ZCP xi 81 § 11 . taítsi co n-atralaid for ndíberg im thírsea come and wreak again, BDD² 417 = conod roláid, LU 6874 . atomcuirethar sūas dó as mo ethar `raised myself up', MacCongl. 87.20 (impers. use?). adcuired suás a sceith, LL 167b54 . cur athcuir a amsaine ac ri B., RC v 200 § 13 `took military service with', Ériu i 184 . o'n aidchi ra h-athchuread Eriu ar h-au A. since the night when Ireland was committed to the keeping of, MR 110.1 . ro athchuirset da urchur . . . eturru exchanged two shots, 254.16 . madh fir fheib atralaid / mo riar[a] gan dermat / bidh leo a righe . . . `if they render as due honour(?) my dues', Misc. Hag. Hib. 28.17 . basseadh díoghal dobert Dia foraibh cecib cruth atrala `however it came to pass', AFM vi 2252.9 (cf. do-cuirethar ). doratad crech . . . / conid-atharla Lugaid (sic leg., Corr.) `a raid was made . . . so L. made reprisals', Metr. Dinds. iii 202.30 , v p. 134 . achraidh sí an grás sul ghuidhthir she bestows grace before it has been prayed for, DDána 24.18 .

In Laws of the return of a fief (see 2 rath, turchrecc): cen anfolta flatha fora n-athcuirther to whom is given back (Thurn.), ZCP xiv 386 § 51 ( Laws ii 318 ). in tan is é in grad flatha . . . do rat itir rath dia céli athcuirid seic co seotu, ┐ athcuiridh comarba for comarba gen seoto returns . . . transmits(?), O'D. 1636 (H. 5.15, 18a). rath éirneis aire tuisi do aire árd, ní athcuirither co n-athcuirither comorbo for comarbo . . . ní athcuirither co tormala saoghal cach ngraid for araili, O'D. 2231 ( Nero A vii, 154b ), cf. 1635 (H. 5.15, 17b). Of a child: mac adchuirthur for fine n-athur a child which is returned to its father's `fine', SM Facs. 56a ( Laws v 198.5 ). ben slethe .i. ní fitir cia for a nathcuirfeadh (i.e. on whom she should father her child?), O'Curry 2006 (H. 4.22, 31). Note also: da fagha sé duine ar a ndenaigh a hathcor . . . athcuire[d] (of a sick wife), O'Curry 2308 ( Eg. 88, 23b ). Glossing fris-cuirethar : tri neichi . . . na firathcuired na comedaidh orba, gl. nad[f]rithrolat, SM Facs. 17a ( Laws iv 212. 14 Comm.).

(b) removes, expels, rejects: indmus manaig adcuirithear o [e]aclais, Laws v 430.x . intan ro atcuirius a sidh for in senadh rejected, CCath. 5043 . intan rohath[ch]uired asa deacht é `when he had been divested of his godhead', TTebe 2319 . athchuiris uad an sleig hurled, 4501 . ro athchuir cloidhemh an rígh uadha `resigned the King's sword', AFM v 1418.20 . as i sin adhaigh . . . ro h-athchuirid na h-ainfessa when ignorance was set aside, MR 100.9 . nír hachradh cách ó chridhe (: athchar) none have been driven from His heart, Aithd. D. 71.35 . atlochar don Rí adrala `who repulsed it', Misc. Hag. Hib. 43 § 63 .

? secip ní atcuire sind dib-línib ro-s-cluineb-sa in ni sin `whatever thing he shalt ask of us both', PH 1430 .

II Intrans.: ath-ralsat . . . dochum nÉrenn they returned BDD² 428 = doathlasat, LU 6884 . co ro athcuired doridisi cusin corp that he should return, FA 31 (LB) = co n-igsed ar cúlu, LU ( IT i 192 ). intan adcuirtís inna fochlói when they returned to their caves, RC ix 474.19 . is inn adcuirethar thither he returns, O'Mulc. 320 . ro athchuir Ua C. a cendus Oirghiall, AFM ii 1102.6 .


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Forms: airchor

v ( air-cuir-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 499 )

(a) increases, extends; prolongs: ni erchuiretar lín liter laitinde `they do not increase(?) the number of Latin letters', Sg. 6b17 . nach athgabail . . . aracuirithur saire, Laws ii 114.7 . cid doghnī serc Dē fri duiniv? . . . arcuiredar saegal it prolongs life, ZCP iii 448.26 . etirdīben sōegol, arcuiret[h]or pīanai, 453.13 . flaith aru-cuirither cain ┐ cairde, O'D. 2234 (Nero A vii 156a-b). arcuirethar .i. fothaighther . . . acht arcuirethar anadh for athgabáil .i. ata acht lium . . . go fothaigh[e]and anadh na hathgabála prolongs the stay on distress(?), O'Dav. 132 . is aenmadh déc a dithim . . . mana urcorathar saire unless exemption be extended, O'D. 606 (H 3.17 c. 455). ni aurcorthar suire aimsear, O'Curry 2728 ( Eg. 88, 61(62)d ) `privilege does not prolong times' (reading aimsera), Plummer MS notes. ?acht trisi . . . nad urchurur `only three days . . . when [the distress] is not lengthened out', Laws ii 130.13 Comm.

(b) represents(?) (see Críth G. p. 34 ): arcuirethar a chéliu cur ┐ chairddiu he advances (?) (represents?) his clients in the matter of contract . . ., Críth G. 373 .

(c) turns back, turns away(?): ni aracuirethar deichbire de .i. acht manab dethbir ni tintaid féin athgabail amuich, O'Curry 2729 ( Eg. 88, 61(62)d ) `? something which necessity turns from it', Plummer MS notes. ircuirseat rompó dan naimdibh (ro cuirset in druim fria naimdip, v.l.) `they turned away from their enemies', CCath. 2798 .

(d) In sense of for-cuirethar overthrows: bai . . . in Cuilenn sin ┐ Ciar culdub . . . ocomraim is de asbreth arcorathar Culenn Ciar .i. nongegna may Cuilenn overthrow C.(?), Rawl. 119b15 . casts on, throws on: ar altaib ar neimib / ardon celtair cuirer (leg. cuired) (arcelltraib nacuired v.l.) let Him place a covering over us i.e. may He protect us against wild beasts etc. , ZCP x 346 § 2 .

? con ith ┐ mlicht neich arindchuiriur, Thes. ii 293.5 (not translated).

Vn. airchor.


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Forms: cocur

v (cf. con-ceird, 1 cocraid): tonna mora . . . inna churchān flescach fann / for Conaing concoirsetar, Bruchst. 39 § 92 `arranged themselves against', CS 76.13 . dicedal concuir in file composes , O'D. 1191 (H 2.15, 78b). cia concorad cét churu dúra dedoirne `though he contract first covenants firm (and) sure', O'Dav. 736 . ginib do conn comraitear concurtar gach nae, O'Curry 1770 ( 23 Q 6, 37 ). ? conralat conralsat (rhet.), ZCP xii 362.30 . tangadar bharsan áth . . . ┐ conroladh doibh ann they fought there (rel. con-?), RC xv 66.10 . See con-lá.

Vn. cocur.


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Forms: tochraid, dorala, tarla, tachraid, tochur, tachar, docuire, ducuiredar, du-nd-chuirethar, dochuirethar, docorethar, docuiretar, dochuiret, tochre, tocraid, corathar, -tochrathar, -tochra, dochora, rathochra, -dochrat, tochorad, docorad, nothachrad, -tochratis, ducorastar, dochorastár, tochrastar, rothocair, tochuir, tachair, tochratar, tochradar, tochar, tochuirther, dofocuirther, docuirither, tochradar, docuirter, docuired, tochrad, tuichred, ndichret, tuichret, dofóichred, toichred, docuirfed, tochērat, doceradh, tacerad, dofoicherthar, dindrala, torala, tairle, tarlam, doralus, darolus, tarlus, torlus, tairlius, doralais, fris-tarlais, dusrale, toralae, con-darraile, dorala, tarla, tarlathar, daralsat, doralaighset, doralatar, tarlatar, doralad, duralad, ceta-tarlad, do-t-ralaid, tarlaid, dutárlid, doralta, docuiriur, tochuiriur, tochuirim, docuirethar, dochoirethar, docuiredar, tocuiredar, tócurid, tócuired, tocuirid, docuirifar, dorochurestar, dorochuiristar, rothochurestar, ro-s-tochuir, rothochuir, dorochuirsemmar, rom-tochuirseat, dofocuirther, tocuirfiter, tochuiribthe, tocuiredh, tochuired, rodocuirit, tochur, tochuired, tocuread, do-m-cuirethar, dorala, doscuirither, con-tachrad, tocraid, dorala, dorala, tarla

(* to-cuir-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 501 ), in O.Ir. a deponent vb. used in the senses (1) puts and (2) invites . For the development of meaning (2) see Gaidoz, RC xxiii 91 . In O.Ir. (1) occurs chiefly in 3 s. , often in impers. construction; in subj. and pret. the root la- is used side by side with cuir- and the fut. is supplied by *to-(fo)cherr- (cf. 1 cuirid); in (2) all forms are supplied by *to-cuir-. In later Mid.Ir. *to-cuir- comes to be represented by tochraid (tachraid), treated as a simple vb. and often forming an ē-fut. (see TBC-LL¹ 5707 , Cog. 225.18 = LL 309b3 , Acall. 1137 , Aen. 290 ), while dorala or tarla (the former of which survives as late as the 17th cent.) exists independently in the sense met, happened . The form tachraid may be regarded as a lineal descendant of do-cuirethar , dochuir[id], -tochraid rather than as a distinct denom. vb. formed from the vn. tochur, tachar, the syncopated form (common already in Mid. Ir.) being probably due to the need for distinguishing it from tochuirid invites, in which syncope does not as a rule occur. See GOI § 762 . IGT Verbs § 95 .


I In sense puts

(a) Forms from *to-cuir-: Indic. pres. 2 s. docuire, Corm. s.v. taurthait . 3 s. ducuiredar, Thes. ii 19.36 . du-nd-chuirethar, Ml. 35d22 . dochuirethar, BDD 71 . docorethar, 106 . 3 pl. docuiretar, Fianaig. 84 . dochuiret, Metr. Dinds. iii 292 . Ipv. 2 s. tochre, LU 10881 . 2 pl. tocraid, 1486 . Subj. pres. 3 s. do corathar , O'Curry 1999 ( H 4.22 29 ). -tochrathar, Críth G. 418 . -tochra, O'D. 739 ( H 3.17 ( H 3.17, 537 ). dochora, LL 146b . co rathochra , Triads 117 . 3 pl. -dochrat, MacCongl. 99.4 . Impf. 3 s. tochorad, Ml. 44a19 . docorad, BDD 54 . nothachrad, TBC-LL¹ 1180 . 3 pl. -tochratis, RC ix 468.6 . Pret. 3 s. ducorastar, Ml. 52 . dochorastár, LU 5366 (TBC). co tochrastar , IT ii1 184 . rothocair, Metr. Dinds. iii 234 . tochuir, tachair. 3 pl. tochratar, LL 293b25 . tochradar, BB 33b22 , etc. Pass. pres. s. fora tochar (= tocharr, an archaic form), Tur. 14 ( Thes. i 485 ). tarsa tochuirther , Ml. 22c1 . cf. 80b7 and dofocuirther, 18c10 ( Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 301 ). docuirither, Laws i 170 Comm. Ériu ii 120 § 58 , etc. forsa tochradar , BB 330b22 . pl. docuirter, Anecd. v 24 n. 25 . Pass. pret. docuired, PH 7767 . Imr. Brain i 88 . co tochrad , MacCongl. 37.4 .

(b) Forms from to-(fo-)cherr-: Fut. 3 s. ? in (ní?) tuichred , BB 298a24 ( IT iii 15 ). 3 pl. co ndichret , Ml. 44a16 . ? ni tuichret , IT iii 15.4 . Condit. 3 s. dofóichred, Sg. 130b2 . toichred, ZCP i 66 § 113 . Later formations from *to-cuir-: docuirfed, Lec. 458c7 ; tochērat, TBC-LL¹ 5707 , etc. Cf. doceradh, BB 298a25 = tacerad, IT iii 15 (H)?). Pass. fut. dofoicherthar, BDD § 81 .

(c) Forms from *to-ro-la-: Subj. pres. 2 s. dindrala (= dia ndrala?), Bvi 74 ( Thes. ii 37 ). 3 s. torala, Ml. 43b15 . tairle, Ériu iv 24 ( LL 106a ). 1 pl. co tarlam , Fél. Prol. 319 v.l. Perf. 1 s. doralus, Fél. Prol. 15 . darolus, ZCP iv 44.12 . tarlus, LU 3863 ( SCC § 38 ). torlus, SR 1872 . ? tairlius, BS 48.24 . 2 s. doralais, Alex. 946 . fris-tarlais, ZCP iii 206 . 3 s. dusrale, Ml. 23c16 . co toralae , Corm. Y 698 . con-darraile, LL 272b21 . Mid. Ir. dorala, tarla; tarlathar, TBC-LL¹ 2069 . 3 pl. daralsat, LL 169a15 . Cf. doralaighset (they) happened to be, Fl. Earls 188 . doralatar, tarlatar, PH, etc. Pass. perf. s. doralad, Wb. 13d8 , Ml. 14b12 . duralad, 67d9 . ceta-tarlad, LL 515 . do-t-ralaid, SR 1307 . ni tarlaid , 3668 . ? dutárlid, LU 10938 (perh. fr. *to-ad-ro-luid). pl. doralta, Ériu ii 106 § 19 .

II In sense invites. Indic. pres. 1 s. docuiriur, Sg. 16b8 . tochuiriur, Thes. ii 357.1 . tochuirim, Corm. Y 77 . 3 s. docuirethar, Sg. 61a7 . dochoirethar, Ml. 29b1 . docuiredar, tocuiredar, ZCP xii 364 . tócurid, FA § 1 . Ipv. 3 s. tócuired, PH 5829 . 2 pl. tocuirid, 5614 . Fut. 1 s. docuirifar, Ml. 3a1 . Perf. 3 s. dorochurestar, Ml. 16c6 . dorochuiristar, 25c13 . ní rothochurestar , 18d16 . ro-s-tochuir, Leb. Gab.(i) 234 . rothochuir, PH 4413 . 1 pl. dorochuirsemmar, Sg. 6b18 . 3 pl. rom-tochuirseat, CCath. 983 . Pass. pres. s. dofocuirther, Ml. 18c10 (see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 501 ). Fut. pl. tocuirfiter, PH 4346 . Condit. s. ni tochuiribthe , Ml. 128a2 . Pret. co tocuiredh , BB 10a4 , tochuired; rodocuirit (= rotochuiritt), Cog. 74.8 .

Vn. tochur, tochuired.

I As trans. vb. in personal construction

(a) puts, deposits, places , often used as synonym of do-cuirethar or do-beir: is tre ḟír flathemon docuiredar ildelba muir the sea casts up creatures of divers form, ZCP xi 82 = is tré ḟír flatha ildelba il-míli . . . for tráchtaib téchtaib tochratar are deposited (cast up) on shores, LL 293b25 . di[a] ndrala huait if thou put from thee (gl. tolle), Thes. ii 37 . inna hí batar buthi ar thuus, dusrale fodiad he put them last, Ml. 23c16 . is hed doralad hi tossuch, Wb. 13d8 , cf. Ml. 14b12 . in tascair docuirither do tuinn which is deposited by a wave, Laws i 170 Comm. , cf. iv 194 . nech tarsa tochuirther sciath over whom a shield is placed, Ml. 22c1 . ro-tarlait a teinti their fires were placed (i.e. built up), Mer. Uil. 17 . torala Dia ar chēill do degnimu-su may God bring to mind gl. revocetur, Ml. 43b14 . doralus ar m'airi | gréschi occa nguidi, Fél. Prol. 15 . ó doralaim ar m'aire . . . lecca huara (pres. formation based on perf.), AU 877 (poem). tachraid for cēill dāib . . . senscēlai bar muinntire call to mind the traditions of your people, Alex. 191 . Cf. Ériu ii 136 : ar cid aingil nimhe, rosbi crith ┐ uamun intan forathmentar ┐ docuredar ar cēill (leg. forathmenatar ┐ docuretar . . . when they remember and call to mind). dochurusdar Cond an macamh ar comairci Airt placed under A.'s protection, iii 160 . ducorastar Dia deilb mordraige . . . forsinní Dauid, Ml. 52 . tegdais forsa tochar deg-lí anechtair is placed, Tur. 14 . nocon fetur-sa indat ilgné docuirther in folt fair (lit. different ways [in] which the hair is put on him, cf. RC xxiii 91 ), BDD § 105 . forsa tochratis tonna an mara na héicne, RC ix 418 . go rotochuir [an piast] ainbthine dermair forsan muir, BNnÉ 6 . co tocuir tāmnēll fuirri, RC v 199 . doconnairc . . . prinnsa in dorchuttois . . . da tochrad cét cenn fair there were (lit. had been put) a hundred heads, Aisl. Tond. xiv 1 . focherdsat na draoithe gaotha draoidhechta . . . co ttochradh an muirgrian iochtarach for úachtar an mara, Leb. Gab.(i) 256 . cia dám . . . ceta-tarlad for hErend? was first landed, LL 515 . nir tocrad Cessair for rig o sein amach no king was styled Caesar, Lec. 300b49 = ni rotocrad, 304a46 . co ndichret a ndruim fria naimtea will turn their back, Ml. 44a16 , cf. 44b19 . tocraid for ndrommand fri fraigid uli, LU 1486 . dofil in carpat . . . ┐ dorala clār clē frind it has turned its left side to us, TBC-I¹ 1192 (perh. impers.). cléirchin fris tarlais tinne `to whom thou hast shown stiffness', ZCP iii 208 . ni tocrad dam int aitheachmattud glēid frisin coin mōir should not have engaged in fight with, TBC-I¹ 1228 . do-curead cath Ruis F. re Nemed, Lec. 357b2 . rofich cath Naisi fri hEochaid . . . iar cath Chomair fri hEochaid n-eolach trén doralad, 592a26 (cf. do-beir cath). domchurithar Dia isinn abainn, Imr. Brain ii 292 . gidbead dochuirear-sa deit isin dig, nā hob a ōl whatever I put into thy draught, Lec. 155b27 . toichredh a chenn 'sa chuithe he used to plunge his head, ZCP i 66 . rangabusa in n-éicni . . . darolus i lláim na hingine, TBFr. 342 . co ndaralastar (leg. -ralatar) na halma i talmain a chorp the herds trampled his body into the ground, TBC-LL¹ 2056 = gur cuirsit, St. cid ar dotralaid hi cacht? why hast thou been put into durance?, SR 1307 . is i cruinne dorraladh cach dūil . . . is i torachta chruinne doralta na nime, Ériu ii 106 . doscorad (duscorat, v.l.) a triur isin muir plunge into the sea (reflex.), RC ix 460 . is lib-si fessin . . . in chair doralais inar leth-ni the fault you have brought against us, Alex. 946 = Anecd. v 5 . feib leir donralaid do nim | missi ┐ tussu, SR 1787 . conab-torlus a Phardus that I have put you out of Paradise, 1872 . con-dacuired dar cenn was overturned, SG 316 . con-daralsat é 'n-a ágib (i.e. tore him asunder), LL 169a15 .

(b) deposits, produces, brings forth: crann . . . docuiridar tri toraid cacha bliadne, Ériu ii 116 . nói cuill Chrimaill . . . dochuiret tall fon tiprait `drop their fruits', Metr. Dinds. iii 292 (docuredh, tocuread, v.l. perh. pret. pass. have been set, planted round). ba hinund brú rothocair | Fothad ┐ cóelChuirrech the same womb bore, 234 .

(c) throws, casts, sends: tochrae uait cast it from you, TBC-I¹ 1557 (LU) = tochra, YBL. docuire urchar úait, Corm. s.v. taurthait = focheirdi, Corm. Y 1229 . Cf. IT iii 16 § 37 . ni tharlus dom chirt | urcur anfis, LU 3863 ( SCC § 38 ). dochorastair Dochae ga for Fiachaid, TBC-I¹ 2110 . a arat dia tochuirther the distance from which it is shot, Ml. 80b7 . fochres [a c[h]end] isin mBrudin . . . ┐ dorralad eiste, BDD² 1405 . dochorastar echlacha uada, Anecd. iii 65 . dochuiretar sut a comuirli chugat-sa send thee their decision, Fianaig. 84 . docuredh Conall for a lurg, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 36 . docuirethar bedc throws, i.e. makes a start, bound: docuridar bedg de fodes starts off southwards, RC iii 176 . doscuiret[h]ar bedc as fa thuaid, IT ii1 175 . tathchuireathar bedg ar a ceand, BDD² 357 . tacurethar, YBL = docuirethar, Eg. = ta-cuirethar beadg ón tig, 645 . toschuirther beadc a Tracht F. they make a start from, 620 (the constr. here suggests that `beadc' is either nom. or else adverbial accus., the vb. being used impersonally). dochuirethar bedg anís, LL 281b13 ( GJ v 64 ). Cf. foceird b., ZCP viii 104.z .

II As trans. vb. in impers. constr. folld. by prep. phrase or other complement of pred., e.g. do-m-cuirethar lit. it puts me (in a place, condition, etc.), i.e. I happen to be (come). This construction is esp. common with the perf. dorala (tarla) and continues into the Mod. Ir. period.

(a) Of rest: dorala ind aimsir geimrid it happened to be winter, Trip.² 112 . focheirdi erchor uait . . . Docuirethar obonn anmannae ar a chind an animal chances suddenly to be in its way, Corm. Y 1229 (docuirither, LB). dī ōene sechtmaine . . . feib docorathar ind recht | do neoch las mbē nert as it is (laid down) in the law (?), ZCP xiii 29 . dia tarla Cond C. ┐ Eogan T. i comflaithis fo Erind, RC xvi 136 ( Dinds. 132 ). gon domrala crechtach ngarb so that I am wounded, TBC-LL¹ 2338 . cona-tarla faen so that he fell prostrate, Mór M. 267 . nach n-esconn rotmblaisi . . . dorala inna chunn slān became sane, Ériu ii 116 . ó domrala il-ligi leóin, ZCP vi 263 . co na-tarlai ina ṡuidi so that he fell on his haunches, LL 272b21 . dorala in tech ina ráithsechaib briathar, FB § 29 . ro-imthigset i frithsēt Grēg co nustarla tul fri tul i medhon in ṡéta, BB 419a35 . is and dosralai sede tunc, ic Ross na ferta she chanced to be at, Hy. v 65 Comm. ( Thes. ii 343 ). bái mesca mór for Ulto . . . Docuiridar immarbága móra . . . eturro there arise, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 4 . Cf. further: ni chuincem colcthi . . . acht in talam cona sraith trit nó lomm amal docuirether (leg. docuirethar) covered with grass or bare as it may happen to be, Alex. 874 = Anecd. v 3 .

(b) Folld. by prep. denoting motion: doscuirethar as co trāig in baile, IT ii1 178 ; 'they set out' Loinges mac nDuíl Dermait 100 § 20 . conacca . . . dorrala inna huili fiadmila asin fidbaid that all the wild animals had come out of the wood, TBC-I¹ 3108 . domrala don áith I came to the kiln, Fél. p. 12 . dosrala do Dún na mbarc they came to, LL 4b33 . inis diandorala iar n-imram, Anecd. i 53 . toscuirethar dochom tíre they come to land, BDD § 55 . con-domrala dochum slúaig, Metr. Dinds. iii 120 . nirbo chian . . . condarraile (leg. dasraile) dochum indsi till they happened on, LL 283a21 . doluid in gilla . . . conusstarla dochum thopuir till he chanced upon a well, RC xxiv 196 . dotrala f[o] aineolass thou art ignorant, ZCP xiii 3 . [a]n du[c]uiredar bissext for nói kl. when bisext falls on . . ., BCr. 32c10 ( Thes. ii 19 ). fēil docuiredar for Sathurn, Mon. Tall. 135 , cf. intan doscuirither-si for áin, LB 9b10 (pass. ?). rocloenad a thech, con-datarla for a lethbeolu so that it inclined to one side, FB § 25 . ind eclas i tarla grada for Brigit, Hy. v 15 Comm. ( Thes. ii 330 ). dogní Neide glām ndicend dō, co toralae teorae bulgae for a gruadaibh, Corm. Y 698 . docorastar cess ┐ huamhon for na slúagho gloom and fear fell upon the hosts, Ériu ii 100 . co tarla a dí bond bána fair (he fell) with upturned soles, MU² 987 (LU). dichetal for ochtraig, co rathochra a mbi ina íchtur for a úachtar all that is below comes to the top, Triads 117 . dorala ana mbui . . . a n-íchtar an loch[a] co raibi forúachtar, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 32 . co tarla ind ní bāi ina hichtar co mbōi for a hōachtor, Anecd. ii 57 . con-tachrad cach ní nobith a n-ichtur na fairrgi 'na fuachtur, Lec. 569a7 = gu tocraid , BB 40b8 (pret. pass. instead of the impers. constr.). con-dasrala for combáig comimrama they began to race each other in rowing, LL 235a20 . doscuridar iarum for a rith cētnai they resume their course, Ériu ii 126 . documlaiset for fairgi ┐ docorastar a lūi fri tir their stern was turned to shore, Corm. Y 1059 . feib donrala fri comrád as we have fallen into conversation, SR 1214 . fri tala ind ríg . . . domrala tria tinninas I have crossed the king's will through my hastiness, 6188 , cf. 6013 . ní rádi ní tri thalmaidchi, amal dundchuirethar inna beulu as it rises to his lips (`as he takes it'), Ml. 35d22 . cia dotochra a robaegal though thou fall into great danger, BCC § 348 (poem). docuiredar cach ai i tuaim alaile each of them comes into another's place (of three currents meeting in a whirlpool), Corm. Y 323 = docuirither, LB. dotrala i mbeirn baegail, TBC-I¹ 2648 . dotrala ind, RC vi 183 . doscuiredar i cess they fall into sadness, Ériu ii 112 . darrala tar romuir who came over the great sea, Fél. Dec. 8 (darralad, doralaid, donralad, v.l.). focheird rout n-urchair din liathróit, conastarla dar gincraes a bragat dond archoin so that it went past the watchdog's gullet, TBC-LL¹ 1025 . na cōic mnā nostachair tra | maraen ria n-athair suna came here together with their father, BB 408b16 . atnaid id im choiss indaro fi(u)r . . . Docuirethar iarum ina deguid aitherruch (the withe) comes back after him, i.e. springs off (?), RC x 214 .

Later with indep. pron.: co tarla co Beind E. hí she came to, Ériu iii 152 . co ttarla é go Magh Line, BS 104 . tarlu go teach Laidchinn é, Keat. ii 6282 . co tarla Cormac ┐ isi ar oentaig fo cleith, Lec. 366b25 . lucht in feruinn cusa tárla é (of one cast on shore), Laws i 204 Comm. dorala he (Cain) a mbroind Euba in tan do thomail int uball was conceived, Lec. 385a20 ; ? cf. ba hé tatharla inna broind, IT i 139 (LU) = is he tathlai it bruinn, Eg. dusrala iad a n-ailén aili, RC xxvi 138 . mar dorala a n-imfhoixe chomraic na Fraingce íad as they approached the frontier, Fl. Earls 30 . rothimchill cach a chēle dīb . . . ┐ dorala 'n-a comracaib iad they engaged in combat, Celt. Rev. x 314 . ó tharla gan chroidhe dho é seeing he hath no heart to it, Proverbs xvii 16 . durson damsa . . . na mígníma sin do dēnam dam, gid tre anfhis ┐ aneolus dorala iat they have come to pass, Celt. Rev. vii 116 .

(c) do-m-cuirethar do (ar, fri) lit. it puts me to (on, towards), hence I meet, come upon, come across: docuirethar Banba doib i Sleibh M., Leb. Gab.(i) 250 (possibly pers. constr.). docuiridar simind dóib, RC xxvi 10 (LL). conustarla do díb latrandib he met two robbers, Lat. Lives 90 . tarrla ríg Laighen dóibh, Imr. Brain i 66 . co tarla do sē meic dēg Amalgaid, Lec. 124b26 . tarla dhóib a n-esgcaraid, SG 8 . tárla dh'a chéile iat, ML 16 . tarla da chēli . . . clanna Neill ┐ clanna Chaeman, Lec. 171b41 . ni tharla dia muinntir badēin é, Fl. Earls 28 . go ttárla Carbre ┐ rígh bhfear gC. air a chēile, CF 276 (Eg.). go dtarla é ré moghaibh came upon slaves, Keat. iii 2146 . In reciprocal sense: conustarla do Meidb ┐ do Thindi M. and T. met, Ériu ii 178 . tarla do and ┐ d'Adhamhnan, BB 233b3 . co tarla dō ┐ do Dairi ingen Cathair, 6 . dorala do Césair féin ┐ do lucht innsi Bretain C. and the people . . . encountered each other, CCath. 182 . batar maic Miled bliadain i comrige . . . co tarla doib im na trib druimnib until they quarrelled about, Lec. 30b4 . dorala dam arair fri muintir C. I had a quarrel with, MacCongl. 53 . Cf. further: dorala fri Connacht co mór, ōir do marbsat-som a brāithri he was in feud with C., ZCP i 103 , where the construction may be personal (as in III (b) below).

(d) do-cuirethar form (dul, etc.), lit. it puts on me, hence it is incumbent on me, I must: docorastar fair dul do acallaim na hingine it behoved him (?), TBFr. 13 (but perh. pers. constr. `he took upon himself', Gloss.). docorustair fair techt a Manaind, Corm. Y 1059 . co tarla fair techt i n-ailithre (of Colum C.), Lec. 369b9 .

(e) do-cuirethar etarru they fall out, quarrel: cēin co tochra etraibh fein until you quarrel, BNnÉ 90 . tachair eter na mnaibh, ib. darala eturru ic imbert ḟidchilli ┐ Fergus F. and he quarrelled, LL 103b39 . dorala eturru ┐ Munramar, Ériu i 124 . dorala etorra ┐ clann ócc iarla D., AFM v 1718 . 1874 . dorala itir Luicet ┐ Aed . . . isin chath engaged each other, RC v 197 . go tarrla iter Aichlech ┐ Oedh B. gur fersat comlann fria chēli, Fianaig. 94 . go tarla itir in ríg ┐ in rígain, SG 250 . co tarla eatorro im na tri ndromandaib, BB 42b34 = co tarla doib, Lec. 30b4 . tarrla eturru immon n-es, Acall. 7286 . conad impi sein tarla eturru, LL 242a40 .

III During the Mid. Ir. period, when the infixed pron. began to lose its significance, do-cuirethar and esp. the perf. dorala came to be regarded as an intrans. vb. in personal construction in sense of happens to be (come); it is, however, impossible to decide whether the vb. is pers. or impers. in the sing. except in cases where the accompanying noun has distinct forms for nom. and accus.

(a) Of rest, condition: bid hé dochorad and, BDD § 66 YBL = comad he notocrad and, Eg. = co mbad sé nobeth and, LU; ib. § 54 . ní tharla bó isin recleis ind inbhaid sin, Lat. Lives 72 . ní faca riamh abhann ann, ┐ ó tharla an abhann ann, as greama mur tharrla in droichid tairsi as the river is there, it is well there is a bridge across it, Imr. Brain i 64 . is ann dorála in rí ind uair sin, fó bun darach, SG 413 . an eich dorala foa on which he was mounted, AFM vi 2216 . tug . . . urchor do cloich tarla ina láimh which chanced to be in his hand, iv 788 . dorala ambassadóir righ S. sa gcathraigh in tan sin, Fl. Earls 22 . tarla an uair sin duine uasal . . . i bpríosún ag an bprionnsa, Keat. iii 5027 . tarla an tan soin neach cumhachtach 'n-a bhíodhbhadh ag C., ii 4847 . dorala ben an oirchinnigh ag gabail secha . . ., BS 50 . is ann doralae Onchu mac S. marb sechtmain reimhe O. had happened to die a week before, BColm. 46 . doralatar in dā hapstail [déc] uile i n-oen tegdais, PH 5560 . tarladar ceathrar do chloinn C. 'n-a ngiallaibh ag Niall, Keat. ii 5956 . tarladar triúr mac aige he had three sons, 4844 . do chidhfedh mar tharla an tír he would see the country's plight, O'Gr. Cat. 466 .

(b) With prep., etc., denoting motion: is annsin dorala Becuma amach ar an ḟaithche chanced to come out, Ériu iii 162 . ised dorala anair he came from the east, RC xiii 379 . co tacradh ass a bhiadh cōir do chāch, IT iii 188 . co tocraitis asa tíribh do décsain . . . crotha Hectoir they would have come, TTr.² 1091 . doluid A. for iarraid usci ┐ dorala cosin tobur cétna, RC xxiv 198 . dia tarla sí cusin mbandtrebthaig, IT i 48 . ni thacēra d'iarmēirge, Cog. 225 (LL) = ni ticfa don ērmēirge, 10 . araili ailitir dorala do Toirinis, Todd Nenn. 212 . rosirius Magh Fáil . . . tairlius do Cill Uí S., BS 48 . docurethar in lia forru anair the stone lights on them, TBC-I¹ 1415 (LU). doleig side in gae bulgae . . . co tochrastar annuass for a chathbarr, IT ii1 184 . dorala menma Faelain fuirri, RC xxvii 262 . dorála menma a mátha(i)r uirre, RC xxix 120 . conidh hí comairle forsa tarrla the plan he hit upon, CCath. 1378 (perh. impers.). (With reflex. pron.) dosraladar for merugud they began to wander astray, RC xxiv 196 = SG 328 . is mairg ances a bidbaid | in n-inbaid dochora il-lén when he falls into misfortune, LL 146b38 ( PRIA xix 544 ). lēicid C. in gae fair . . . conid anuas docorastar (tocorastar, LU) in-a mullach, TBC-I¹ 1296 . Cf. 3664 . docoras[tar] casal di nim i n-ucht Pátraic, Trip.² 1228 (impers.?). rotheilg L. in ngai . . . co tarlai il-Laeg, RC iii 178 . tharla tuagh Bhrodair i gceann Bhriain, Ériu i 88 . tus in tochrad i m-aigid to see whether she would meet me, Aen. 626 . dochear Lugaid Riabnderg do chumaid a mna . . . ┐ man a claidem fodein dorala he fell on his own sword (?), Lec. 588a43 . cia tochra int espach eturru though the onlooker should come between them, Laws ii 294 Comm.

(c) Folld. by DO (also AR, FRI) meets, comes upon, falls in with (in some of the follg. exx. the earlier meaning of the vb., not that of an intrans. vb. of motion, is still apparent): dogabh ag luamhairecht an curaigh co tarrla oilen ingnadh dō, Ériu iii 156 . docuir Nae an colum da fis an faighbeadh talamh . . . ┐ tarla dō an talumh ina roibhe, etc., Lib. Flav. i 10a30 . docurastar dam lethbarghen cruithnechta ┐ ordu ēisc = I found, got, RC x 90 (perh. impers.). tarla int ailen-sa ar A., ZCP ii 298 . docuiridar Bricriu dóib forsind ḟaithche, LL 186a42 = RC xxvi 12 . tachraid bocht dó ar in conair, Lism. L. 4305 (docuirethar, v.l.). tús . . . in taichēradh dō aen duine, Aen. 290 . dorala dam forsin sét mo choimdiu Ísu, PH 1892 . doralai dias fer n-arsatai dóib, SG ii 467 . co tarla do in bantrebtach, Hy. v 73 Comm. ( Thes. ii 345 ). co ttarla ben-gheilt dó ann, BS 108 . do bhrígh nach dtárla dhamh mo dhearbráthair T., 2 Cor. ii 13 . dochuir Banba doib, Lec. 28a30 . do-ralatar a námaitt dó, BColm. 94 . tarladur na trí righdha so da chéle, ZCP ii 38 . is mairg ar a tocherat, TBC-LL¹ 5707 . tárla bean air, Proverbs vii 10 . go dtarladar trí mic C. orra, Keat. ii 1300 ; 1273 . amail doraladar forsin topur, RC xxiv 202 . dorála a chos fri cloich, SG 403 . tárla trócaire ┐ fírinne ré chéile, Psalms lxxxv 10 . do mharbhsat gach a dtarla riú do lucht an bhaile, Keat. iii 5242 . doraladar a triur frisin n-uasal, YBL 191a16 . go dtarladar ladrainn ris, TSh. 1450 .

(d) With FRI encounters, opposes (this use is spec. frequent with the late form tachraid): roḟācaib [Fiacha] a clanna dia ēis . . . do thochar ria Padraic . . . ┐ ni tharla neach aile do cloind Ḟiachach fris acht Fothad F. amain, Lec. 143a37 . ni thagraim leat, a L., | ná re Tadg ré dtarlabhair with whom you are engaged in dispute, Content. xi 15 . mairg thochras ri clērchib cell, LL 149b26 = thochrus fri, SG 70 , 78 . gach nech tochrus ré rí[g] réil, Fianaig. 80 . tachraid re chele, Caithr. CC 52 . ba tresi nā gach trēn rotac[h]rad fris, BB 488b24 . baoi do mhéd a mhenman . . . go ttochairfedh friú, AFM v 1766 . ēcoir d'Fathod tachair frim . . . | ní do deoin Luighdech Meic Con | do thaichérad frim Fathod, Acall. 1137 . gomtis ionchatha ┐ co ttochraitis friu, Leb. Gab.(i) 144 . i mbeilgibh bélchumhgaibh i ttoc[h]raittís re aroile, AFM vi 2112 .

(e) With DO falls to the lot of, happens to, befalls (rarely in this sense with infd. dat. pron. instead of do): nachustarla anfaitchess may negligence never come upon them, BColm. 50 . dorala cōir gāithi doib fochedoir, Lec. 569a25 . co tarla anfud mór doib, Hy. v 13 Comm. ( Thes. ii 328 ). co tarla doib imsreang curad (i.e. they engaged in struggle), Lec. 352a44 . Fiacha Fear dā liach . . . .i. liach do cach echt dorala do, 337b42 . cia imned dorala duib?, ACL iii 225 . dorala gnim n-ingnad do he happened to do a strange thing, Ériu v 114 . o tharla dhuit an gním olc, SG 29 . gia nothachrad écht dó, TBC-LL¹ 1180 . cia and do ná tochradar | bét no bine nó baeghul?, ZCP iv 468 . do Chonall dorala imdegail in chóicid it fell to C. to guard, TBC-I¹ 592 LU. rolaesead dā mac Miled crandchar iar sin forsan aes dāna .i. file ┐ cruitire . . . do Erimon dorala in file, BB 42b13 . certar crandchor léo dūs cia do thoc[h]radh dul . . . Dochuir (dofuit, v.l.) son don tres comalta, RC x 78 . rolaset chrandchor . . . conid don dull dorala tec[h]t sis, Hy. v 13 Comm. ( Thes. ii 328 ). is ann dorala dosom a denam, Hy. i Pref . ( Thes. ii 298 ). is grad epscuip dorala do epscop Mél do thabairt for Brigit, Hy. v 15 Comm. ( Thes. ii 330 ). condarala di turgnom catha Findchorad she happened to be preparing for, Ériu ii 184 . as ag an mbile sin dorala do Dhomhnall do ueith, BS 16 . dia tochrad dó Hectoir do thuitim leis, TTr.² 973 . as maith tarrla dúind an chailleach do marbudh it is well for us that we have killed, Imr. Brain i 65 . dorala do B. beith ag saigdeoracht, Todd Nenn. 38 . is amlaid dorala do C. beith ┐ ingen alaind aici in tan sin C. happened to have a beautiful daughter, Lec. 168b16 . condusrala do Meidb dola co Boind, Ériu ii 178 . dorala intan sin do M. condacaid aislingi, ACL iii 10 . tarla dona beachuibh co ndeachadur . . ., Ériu ii 82 . tarla do beirt saighdiuir go ndechator astech i n-aroile egluis, Fl. Earls 60 .

(f) Hence in general sense of comes to pass, happens, takes place (chiefly in perf. dorala, tarla). With noun as subj. often in sense of there was , or in impers. constr. with inf. phrase or subord. sent.: forcaemnacair (.i. tarla), ACL iii 10 . in tan dorala in scēl-sa and when this event took place, PH 46 . cethracha rig dorala frisrohicad borama | o aimsir Thuathail . . . there were forty kings, Lec. 40b28 (perh. rather to be referred to II (a) = dorala cethrachait r.). ní tharla il-leitrib na lāidib . . . aen-triar ban neither in books nor songs is found a trio, 395a13 (II (a)?). go ttárla sneachta mór fán am sin ann, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 40 . tárla méad meanman na bhfoireann ar gcriothnughadh na long the courage of the crew was aroused, ML 46 . tarla iomchaineadh . . . eitir M. ┐ mhnáoi oile a dispute arose, BS 142 . tarla imressan eturru, Acall. 2717 . an ferand fa tharla imresuin adrum-sa ┐ C., BCC 179 . darala debaigh mor etarru, YBL 164b10 . tohruid (sic) frithnois fuigill etorro an altercation arises, Cog. 142 = tohraid (sic) frithnos, 144 . gidh bedh tochrus do bar comhrag-si whatever be the issue of your combat, Aen. 2968 (= quo res cumque cadent, Aeneid xii 203 ). maith tharla it is well, Keat. ii 4725 . dorala . . . Gortigernd mac G. do gabail airdrigi Breatan, Todd Nenn. 74 . amal dorala na dūile do chumscugud oc cēsad Crist, PH 1078 . dorala conid si sein aimser . . . (= contigit quod), Lat. Lives 5 . dorala co ndechsat immach (= casu accidit ut . . .), 76 . conid tairle co n-ebarthar mac ríg frim mac may it come to pass that, Ériu iv 24 . gé tharla gur fhōbair . . ., Fl. Earls 68 . dorala iar n-ég Gorthemuir . . . doronsat Saxain meabail for B., Todd Nenn. 102 .

IV Invites, summons (this sense may have arisen out of the meaning puts in cases where the vb. was folld. by co): gl. adsciscere, Ml. 25c13 , Sg. 6b18 , 16b8 , 61a7 ; arcessere, Sg. 184a2 ; citare, Ml. 3a1 ; exciere, 16c6 , 18d6 ; invitare, 29b1 , O'Mulc. 527 ; postulare, Corm. Y 77 . tocuiriur etrum indiu inna huli nert-so fri cech nert I summon today all those powers (put . . . between me and?), Hy. vi 48 ( Thes. ii 357 ). docuirethar cétna persan sin persana aili chucae takes other persons to it, Sg. 191a2 . docuiredar gōi, inairben fīr; tocuiredar ēcert, inarben cert, ZCP xii 364 . tócurid [in comdiu] dochum nimi chuci lucht na deirce, FA 1 (LU). tocuirid na sualchi, dichurid na dualchi, PH 5614 , cf. 4992 - 5 . intí is cendais . . . tócuired in fergach co mín (= revocet), 5829 . muna tocuirit fein chuca iat, Laws v 458 Comm. rotochuir an tír chucca, Hugh Roe 36 . rostochuir ┐ rostiomairg fine Gaoidil, Leb. Gab.(i) 234 . rotocuirisdair G. cuice dā druid dēg, Todd Nenn. 90 . romtochuirseat ina ndocum, CCath. 983 . tochuirter iatt gusin gcaislēn, Fl. Earls 70 . co tocuiredh Eoin . . . ó Ispís ad Bathmos, BB 10a4 . rotochuiredh do a brathair, LL 402b52 . rotocuiret dia indsaighidh a slōigh, 404b39 . rodocuirit (ro tochuiritt, v.l.) Dailcais uli cucu, Cog. 74 .

fo-cuir, fo-cuirethar

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Forms: fos-ceird, fochuriub, focuirter

v (cuir-) seems used in most cases for do-cuirethar or fo-ceird. Throws, casts; puts; sends (= fo-ceird): fos-cuiri suas for tīr in slig, TBFr. 18 Eg. ( ZCP iv 40.27 ; = fos-ceird LL). fut. fochuriub uaim saigit snéid, SR 6121 . pass. pres. crand cuilind focuirter ind | a Loch nEchach, ZCP v 23 § 4 . felmae ... is fāl fedae focorthar ind, O'Mulc. 511 . Impers. constr. ? focuirethar i n-artbe cumma ┐ i n-armgrith uile, TBC-LL¹ 692 (cf. fo-ceird, II). fochuridar a úma don chlettin forsin sruth falls into the stream 2073 . Sends: fochorset techta uaidibh co Priaim BB 426a23 . f.¤ cuaird makes a circuit, visits: fochuir luathchuaird in trichait cét, TBC-LL¹ 1008 . f.¤ ár wreaks slaughter: nomaided reimi ┐ focuiredh āra mōra ann, BB 428b27 . ? focuirim firt faitsine | la faedh fesa findecsi `I apply a miracle' Dinds. 21 = BB 362b42 . Invites, summons (= do-cuirethar ): co focuirthe ... dochum na bannsi sin na huile dee, LL 401a3 (corresp. to: ratinólta, TTr. 871 ( LL 229a7 ).


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Forms: forrochuirsetar, forcurt[h]ar, forcorad

v (a) casts upon, throws upon: cf. in fer forda corsatar (-goirsetar v.l.), Hy v 66 , gl. by: forrochuirsetar (`on whom they cast them' i.e. weapons, Thes. ii 343 ; but possibly refl.).

(b) overthrows, overpowers : baī didiu in Cuilleand ┐ Ciar Cūldub do Ūib Nēill ac comrom, is de as-breath: 'for-corustair (for-corastar, for-coiristar, ar-corathar, v.ll.) Cuillind Ciar' .i. ro geguin, Corp. Gen. 32 (Lec.) . forrolaid in gaeth sin ... a puplu, BB 496a36 ( IT ii2 101 ; this may be for fo-rálaig, cf. fo-álgi). Esp. forces, violates: forcorastar a [fiair] tria meisce, Rawl. 143b9 . gabais laim ingine F. ... ┐ fordoscarastar, 131b24 (possibly there is a confusion with doscara here; cf. gabais A. a láim ┐ dostascar, LU 1654 ). fordorolái Ailill, Anecd. i 51 § 8 . Pass. pres. ben forcurt[h]ar , Laws v 272.5 . pret. ba i ndithruib forcorad , Caratnia 39 .

(c) lays hands on, appropriates (?): la Patraic in chell. fordosrala muinter Choluim Chille, Trip.² 1089 ( Trip. 96 ) = contenderunt eum ib. Trip.² p. 59n . ( Ardm. 11v6 ).

vn. 1 forcor, q.v.


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Forms: frecuirthe, friscuirim, frisfoichiurr, friscoirter, friscoirthe, frecor

v (for conjugation see cuirithir and fo-ceird).

I Puts towards, applies to (only sense in Glosses) in phrase f.¤ céill ` applies (one's) mind to ' = attends to, cultivates, worships , used in Glosses to transl. Lat. colere and compds. ipv. 2 s. frecuirthe ceill (gl. recole) BCr. 33b2 . pres. colo .i. friscuirim ceill isin ṅdirgetaid itá Dia, Rawl. 106b38 (= Lib. Hymn. 184 ). Cf. frecurim sea ceill atamchomnaic dirgitetaid mo Crist ..., LU 1152 . íc neich fritcurethar cheill who worships him Ml. 41d16 . fut. 1 s. frisfoichiurr ceill, 78c8 . Pass. pres. subj. pl. friscoirter, c. 21d3 . past subj. s. combad and namma friscoirthe céil that he was worshipped there only 95a1 . ni frecuirem céil ... o ḟothraictib teeib na fuaraib we do not trouble about Alex. 865 . muine frecurthur cēll co foltuib techtaib unless proper precautionary measures are taken ZCP xiv 373 § 36 ( Laws ii 286 where glossator seems to misunderstand the verb, taking it here in sense II. Stokes in a manuscr. note in his copy rendered [unless] `there is cultivation'].

II Opposes ; rejects, sets aside , in Laws glossed by athcuir- : is flaith friscuirther (.i. is e in flaith sin adhachuires na flaithe eile dhe), Laws ii 306.18 ( ZCP xiv 381 , where Thurn. corrects to friscuirethar and renders `der sich [andern] Herren widersetzt [sie abweisen] kann). it he teora trebuire ... nad rithrolat comarbai < nō na cumgat comarba do cumscugud > which the successors cannot set aside SM Facs. 17a ( Laws iv 210.29 ). acht ni frithrolaither ... .i. acht na fír-athcurthar, O'Dav. 1396 . danae Dee nis-frithchoirthi do not reject them V. SS. Hib. i 62 . ná tíagar co n-étar fer ro laa ... ┐ friscuriur mo phopa Fergus (i.e. I except) LU 4741 (cf. ni théssid secce ... cen motha F. 4809 ). friscoirter [leg. -cuirther ?] gai in gai `falsehood is opposed in falsehood' IT iii 201.1 ; 'you oppose' ZCP xxx 8 . fris cuirter, Fél. Jan. 25 probably consists of rel. FRI with -cuir-, cf. fo-ceird (h).

Vn. frecor ; see also frithchor.


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Forms: imcharaid, immechuretar, imchuirther, immacuired, imchuirthe, immacurtis, noimcuirfedh, imchorastar, imrolaim-se, 'mmosralat, immosrala, 'moralta, imaralait, imchor

v (Mid. Ir. imchraid, imcharaid). indic. pres. pl. 3 rel. immechuretar, Wb. 5a5 . pass. s. imchuirther, ZCP x 10 n. 12 . imperf. s. 3 rel. immacuired, Mon. Tall. 159.17 . pass. imchuirthe, IT i 130.22 . pl. 3 immacurtis, Fél. Ap. 27. sec. fut. s. 3 noimcuirfedh, D IV 2, 73ra7 . pret. s. 3 imchorastar, Fianaig. 36.3 .

With stem -la: indic. pres. s. 1 imrolaim-se, LU 8961 (FB). subj. pres. pl. 3 'mmosralat, LU 9091 (FB). pret. s. 3 immosrala, Anecd. i 71.z . pass. pl. 'moralta, Alex. 802. imaralait, 1013 . Vn. imchor.

(a) carries around, carries, brings, conveys: innaní prechite pacem et immechuretar cori ho rígaib `who carry peace from kings,' Wb. 5a5 . iodne ind caich immacuired a toratt `the purity of each man who brought the produce,' Mon. Tall. 159.17 . imma-curtis aingil `angels used to carry him,' Fél. Ap. 27. imchuirthe in gríanán sin lasin Mac Oc cach leth no théged, IT i 130.22 . o roimraised co ciana ... immosrala os moing mara tond dian, Anecd. i 71.z . immusrala muir aimsera co tāncatar Éirind, ZCP viii 312.14 . imchuirther go a dúnárus féin, ZCP x 10 n. 12 . uair roboi gan ech noimcuirfed é, D IV 2, 73ra7 . dorattsatt a cindu fo irsibh an charpait co ro imchuirsett é ... dia cathraigh, BNnÉ 326 § 44. ro cumdaighedh lxxx long leis ... cor' imcuiredh in slógh indtibh tairis siar, CCath. 160. cidh bé imcras a begc no a mōr de (of a talisman), Maund. § 55. iomchurthar an corp gus an adhnacal, TSh. 1250. ro imchradar an canabī uassan sacrament naomtha, Fl. Earls 188.26 .

(b) sends: imrulai ... Pilip na hiltuathai ... na nGrec hi tirib n-aineoil `Philip sent the many peoples of the Greeks into foreign lands,' Alex. 35. co moralta epistle etorru `so that letters were exchanged between them,' Alex. 802.

(c) bears, carries (of offspring): is me-si ro-t-imochur im bróind, PH 6627. cúimnig mar do immchur do máthair tú, 7389 . is bennaigti in brú do imchuir tú, Maund. § 40. ro imchrass go honórach ... fri ré náoi mīoss (of the Blessed Virgin), Fl. Earls 116.18 . breith otruidh go n-iomchorainn (: oghaim), Ó Bruad. ii 138.8 .

(d) Fig. endures, bears, tolerates, allows of: as urusa iomchruid lucht na haoisi arsaid (?) an tregeanus (translates senes facilime ieiunium ferunt), 23 K 42, 8.12 . an liaigh nach iomchrann na héagcruais (medicus qui non fert infirmitates), TSh. 8172. i ndíol ... gach anfhorlainn dá n-iomcharann ann, 9948 . mac rígh do iomchradh airmghliaid `that bore the brunt of weapon fight,' O'Gr. Cat. 501.1. iomchraid [na Cailbhinigh] comaoin do dheanamh san aran amhain, Luc. Fid. 255.10 . má tharcuisnighionn tú is tú féin amháin iomchoras é `thou alone shalt bear it,' Proverbs ix 12. an clú nár iomchuir Éire | iomchruidh féile chrú Chraoidhe `the hospitality of Craoidhe's blood bears a repute which all Ireland never bore,' TD 10 § 14. ro iomchuirsiot somh an tóir throm sin, AFM iv 1124.11 . With le: ma iomchruid [na Cailbhinigh] le Luitearanuibh ag adhradh Chriosd san tsacramaint, Luc. Fid. 253.12 . aifrionn ... an droch-shagairt le n-iomchrann an eagluis `the Mass ... of the bad priest which the church tolerates,' Eochairsg. 50.11 .

(e) carries on, supports, sustains: ón Tadhgsa, cóir; an barr iomchras an sunnradhsin `the enclitic supports that defining particle,' IGT Introd. 7.17 . Mac Amhlaoibh iomchras sgola, Content. xxix 10.

(f) With reflex. pron., comports oneself, behaves: cionnas iomchras tu thu féin a n-aimsir an aifrinn, Parrth. Anma 322.5 . drung iomchras iad féin go Criosdamhuil, Donlevy 438.x . gan sin d'iomchóramaois sinn féin amhuil beathuighe éigcéillighe, 414.20 .

(g) revolves (in the mind), meditates: imchorastar Ailill marbad Maic Con, Fianaig. 36.3 . conid de imrolaimse comraind curadmiri fris, LU 8961 (FB) (= conid de imrordaimse, 8914 ). imrola .i. imradh, ut est ni hara nad imrola .i. ní ro eirni ní do neoch coro imraidhe for do menmuin `thou shouldst not bestow what thou hast not considered,' O'Dav. 1136.

(h) carries away, bewilders: imus-rola in t-omon `fear bewildered them,' BDD² 251.

Used reflex. : atberad na maicclēirich immo-t-ralasu `the young clerics say thou art astray (?),' Ériu viii 156.23 . ? To this: mástat carait conná 'musnágat mastat námait co 'mmosralat, LU 9091 (FB).

(i) Folld. by do, happens to, befalls: immusrala trá in t-omon ... do Chonaire, BDD § 27. gommarálaid dóib ... d'imbualad, TBC-LL¹ 6163.


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Forms: in-cuirither, inde-cuirithur, ro adhacuiristar, dia-n-[e]a-craither, inchurtha, ecor

v indic. pres. s. 3 rel. in-cuirither, ZCP xiv 379 § 43. inde-cuirithur, 374 § 37 . pret. s. 3 rel. ro adhacuiristar, Laws v 432.8 . Pass. subj. pres. s. dia-n-[e]a-craither, ZCP xiv 379 § 43 = Laws ii 306.2 . Part. inchurtha, Laws ii 66.23 Comm. Vn. ecor.

puts in, brings in, introduces, imposes: used

(a) of introducing stock on to land for the purpose of taking possession, or of bringing in articles as the result of an agreement : ni sai[g] for fine nach [n-]ecur n-inndligtech, in-cuirither [e]cond (u)ina(i) recht `es wendet sie nicht auf die Sippe etwas widerrechtlich Hineingebrachtes das ein `Unvernünftiger' in eigener Person hineinbringt,' ZCP xiv 379 § 43 = Laws ii 306.1 . ma dia n-eacairter a hindarba `if it be put in (unlawfully) let it be driven out,' ib. 8 Comm. cach cor ... cach follus cunu foltuib in-cuirit(h)ur, a[d]-daimt(h)ur, ZCP xiv 373 § 36 = Laws ii 286.14 .

(b) of (unlawfully) imposing a contract on the fine : dilsi seoit caich inde-cuirithur (indocuirithar, v.l.) indligid `... eines jeden, der solche widerrechtlich hineinbringt,' ZCP xiv 374 § 37 = Laws ii 288.4 . it dilsi seoit caich, inde-coruib cuirithur `der sie mit Verträgen hineinsetzt (-gibt),' ZCP xiv 376 § 39 = Laws ii 290.20 .

(c) of bringing in an adopted son from outside the fine : ni tualuing imfoichida ... inde-cuirithur ainfine, glossed : ada cuiridh sé mac foesum d' ainfine .i. focerd fri flaith n-eachtrunn, Laws ii 284.23 and 286.5 Comm.

Cf. ecor III and ecraid III, RIA Dict. Fasc. II.