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v (see foaid ) perh. in follg., where, however, con is perh. rel. part.: con fóefet hi fos they will spend the night, LU 9840 . confoat a n-oentachas, LL 368 marg. sup. con-lethfa a sil ar Magh Fháil / fir confoi anocht in Espain, TMoméra 158.16 . confebut anocht in Espain, 12 .

1 foí

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ind rucht fo thuind fithend foí , Corm. Y 662 . Bruchst. i § 157 . cath Slebe F. ria Fergal dosfanair f.¤ | dluthach nglee i mbíth ... Cú Roi, LL 182b53 ( Arch. Hib. ii 60 ). Cf. 1 fo and 2 fó.

2 foí

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n.l. Foi .i. Cnámchaill. ut dixit Gruibne ... `In fess fo Foi' .i. ba fessach Cnámchoille, Thr. Ir. Gl. 20 = Corm. Y 598 . f.¤ .i. cnámchoill, O'Cl.