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1 mol

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Forms: m., moil, moil, mula, mul

n o, m., an axle or rotating shaft, esp. the shaft of a (horizontal?) mill-wheel. m.¤ , Laws i 124.18 (one of the parts of a mill). herintiu .i. cloc beg bis for cinn in muil, uirri impas in m.¤ , 140.19 Comm. muilend .i. m.¤ ┐ hond (.i. ar issed deide as maillem i mmuilend), Corm. p. 29. mátan maglorci amal m.¤ mulind, FB 37. BDD 85. co suifid fuil m.¤ for lár ind liss, so that the blood would turn a mill-shaft, IT i 105.14 . la tascad in muil, Hib. Min. 70 § 2 = moil, Rawl. rí Mide na mmol `of the mill-shafts', Arch. Hib. ii 85 § 48 = LL 185a54 . In wider sense: m.¤ túrnach `stock of spinning-wheel', O'Gr. Cat. 143.6. Fulacht na morrigna . . . crand a roth ┐ crand a m.¤ . . . ┐ dā nai rethlenn as an moil sin axle (of a cooking-spit), Mackinnon Cat. 133.10 (treated as ā, f.). mul na róithléan, 1 Kings vii 32. mula axle-trees , ib. 33 . mul `an axil', Eg. Gl. 522. See 2 mol .

2 mol

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n o, m., seems used of a constantly reiterated refrain or noise . Possibly a fig. use of 1 mol , in allusion to the continuous rotation or splashing of a mill-shaft: milgetan ... .i. cuit Muil dorsada Temro. Mol didiu [a] ainm ade dāig in muil no ferad forsna doínib .i. `taít as, taeit ind !' Inde dicitur molac[h], Corm. Y 860 ; cf. ut dicitur molach .i. is cosmail fri Mol, ar ní anad side do labrad coidchi a n-asbered side: taeit ind, taeit as, O'Mulc. 818. a ben ucut, na fer m.¤ frisin marb, LL 275a9 = Mór M. § 6 ( PRIA xxix 265 ). ba mol Mídend midlaige | memais Linnmuine tar Līathmuine '"Linnmuine will burst forth across Líathmuine" was a phrase constantly repeated by Mídenn the fool', Aided Echach 96 § 4(a) . mol .i. glorach (= glór?); molmar .i. glorach, O'Curry See also 1 molach and molmar.

3 mol

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n heap see mul.