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1 nairne

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Forms: airne

n a night-watch, a vision (? an expedition, adventure or tale of adventure = echtra) : nairne .i. aislinge nó echtra, ut est Airne Fingin maic Luchta, O'Mulc. 837 = ut est nairne Fingin mic L., H 3.18 p. 637a ( O'Curry 1414 ). For the tale entitled Airne Fingein see Anecd. ii 1. Perhaps = airne with prosthetic n; but cf. tainic dia oirchisecht on nairne sin i raibhe ó Ḟind ┐ ó ḟianaib `to rescue him from the night-watch (?)' (? predicament, jeopardy), RC xi 131.70 .

2 nairne

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Forms: náirne, náirine

n modesty, purity? nairne .i. glain, Corm. Y 972 = nairne (no naire) .i. gláine, Corm. p. 32. If a genuine word, perh. = náirne < náirine.

3 nairne

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Forms: nairne, nairne

particle of assent or asseveration, indeed, verily ? nairne [no naire, add. LB] amail bid naire no beth and .i. senberla didiu in naire n-i sin. Is inand ┐ isbertha egin. Is gnathberla eisem tra cidh indiu la hIrmumhain maxime, unde dicitur: In fil ní bas toich duit? Fil eigin, ol intí dia n-inchomarcar .i. nairne , Corm. Y 972 = fhil naire, ol intí . . . .i. fil écin, Corm. p. 32 ; i.e. nairne (? naire) is used, especially in West Munster, in the sense of éicin indeed, in truth . nairne .i. deimhin .i. frithaithbhear bus nairne .i. frithaithbhear bhus deimhin, O'Cl. (where the word is used as pred.). náirne .i. deimhin ` sure, certain, certainty ', P. O'C. náirne adj. `sure, certain', O'R.

4 Nairne

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Forms: Nairne, Nairniu

pn a name of Tara (or of a mound there)? Narne .i. Tema[i]r .i. do anmaim in foraid ro bai inti, O'Mulc. 831 = Nairne , H 3.18 p. 73a ( O'Curry 115 ). Cf. Nairniu (n s.)., Ardm. 13a2 ; ad Nairniu Toisciurt, 9a1 ( Thes. ii 266.45 , 261.38 ), which seems a place in Connacht.