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Forms: accaíne, accaíned

v bewails, laments, complains . Usually as simple vb. accaínid. bebaid C. . . . ad-coinfet Goidil, ZCP xx 223.12 . mōr marb . . . atcinfet (cainfit, v.l.) Goideil, xiii 381.8 . egid ┐ accainid in ben co bronach, LB 115b13 . iachtuis ┐ acainis a ben `he bewailed and lamented his wife', Ériu iii 150 § 3 . ní hiat a cnedha fen roacain, TTebe 3837 . roaccainset . . . ara airscélaib they lamented him because of the noble tales about him, TTr.² 1216 . dá n-acaoineadh sí Seaán, L. Cl. A. B. 155.52 . In phrase a.¤ x fri y complains about x to y: acainit a muinter re Senán beith cen usce occu his people complain to S. that they are without water, Lism. L. 2375 . accainis Prespiter Seon fria ṡlōghaibh in dāeirse i raibhi ō Darius, Marco P. 98 . ro acaoinset Cruithnigh friu-somh cumga a bforba, Leb. Gab.(i) 232.13 . agaoinsiot a nimneadh fris an righ, AFM i 408.10 .

Vn. accaíne, accaíned. Cf. éccaínid, attcuinti and athchaínid .