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v late form of do-roich with change of preverb: adroich in gilla itir na heachaib comes between the horses, Anecd. i 9.5 ( SCano 271 , and note. In this and next ex. correct reading perh. at-raig, -reig). is and itroich fri toichida comtuinide fri fir tíre, O'D. 1962 (Eg. 90, 7(8)c). iss ed atomrua (fut.), Ériu viii 173.30 . as samlaidh adró Fer D. dot ionnsoighidhsi it is thus F.D. will come to attack you, ZCP x 281.20 . adroset aes na Grecia uile co bagach . . . dia digail, BB 425a6 . ?cáin do Denna Den doma addonruacht `the mound he has reached', PRIA xix 532 § 2 ( LU 9836 ).