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Forms: aiscid, adsegat, atsaigtis, arsaigtis, haisceadhadh, aisces, haiscid, haiscim, aiscid

v ( ad-saig-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 606 ). Later as simple vb. aiscid. IGT Verbs § 71 . seeks after, desires: adsegat nad arget they seek after what they cannot get, LL 344d47 ( Tec. Corm. § 16.95 , adsannaid v.l.). Cf. imsuídet nad rairget, LU 8436 . atsaigtis (arsaigtis v.l.) ar sethir `whom our sisters used to visit', Fél. Sept. 30 . in tan do haisceadhadh (aisceadha, MS.) co duthrachtach onorach ona righaibh he (of the Magi seeking Jesus), ITS xxix 157.17 . Note also: nochar aisces duine riamh I never sought a gift of anyone, BLism. 136b16 ( SG 70.37 ). ni haiscid breth bertair fir feraib laimnighib .i. ni haiscim in breth beraid na fir ata laimtenaigh . . . do réir fír I do not examine(?), O'Curry 445 (H 3.18, 239a).

Vn. aiscid.

See also under ind-saig.