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o, [n.]. Vn. of ad-ella. act of visiting, frequently visit: cuit adíll, Wb. 14a8 . airis cuit adaill adnellat sidi in fini `for it is only a passing visit they make to the vine', Ml. 102a15 . noi ṅ-gruadaire noi n-gabaind / cen chin acht cin a n-adhaill (: baraind), for no crime other than that he chanced to meet them, IT ii 185.280 . ba bēs dō dogres a n-a.¤ ┐ a tadall oc teacht ┐ oc tuideacht, TBC-I¹ 493 . nípa hécen . . . ha.¤ messai dóib `they shall not need to come to judgement', Mon. Tall. 129.z (§ 6) . cen a.¤ fulachta, RC iii 176.17 . a.¤ tige breitheman, Laws iii 326.13 . cen adhall fine aco, iv 350.1 Comm. in t-urnaidm ar adhall, v 216.15 Comm. Occas. act of touching (in sexual sense), polluting (cf. tadall): adhall .i. truailledh no peacadh, O'Curry 1474 (H 3. 18, 653). O'Cl. a.¤ .i. ab adult[er]o , O'Mulc. 73 .

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n ocht n-eich co n-adhallaibh (conall, v.l.) argaid, Leb. Cert. 156.7 (= co srianaibh in passage in poem 162.10 ). See 2 all.