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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: a(i)thgaire

Meaning doubtful; Thurneysen translates sorcery (Beschreiung, Behexung) ZCP xxi 286 . Thurn. Ir. Recht 36 suggests vn. of ad-gair <*ath-gar-, but no form a(i)thgaire occurs. Cf. dith n-aee, dith n-a.¤ nad hi suilib sinemoin `ineffectualness in claiming back' (Thurn.), Bürgschaft 20 § 60 . Usually associated with ainem, referring to injury or damage of some kind: cin on cin ainem . . . cin a.¤ , O'D. 2226 (Nero A vii 152b). foceird in drúi . . . cúic essa imdegla fair ar guin, ar báduth, ar thein, ar a.¤ ar cach nolc, ZCP viii 310.35 . (Laud 610 96b1). mad ina aighe asrenar comlethet a aighthe do argat . . . ┐ a.¤ nainme i sochaide co cenn teora mbliadan `he sues him for every time that he is reproached with the blemish' (of the wounding of a bishop), Laws iv 364.1 . ruc fath-brithem Almaine / a.¤ cen inmaine, Metr. Dinds. iv 322.40 (`a loveless summons'). bersa atgaire mo lam feoire fir, LL 209b8 . a.¤ .i. adas-gair, O'Mulc. 23 (see adgair).