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aer 1 air; atmosphere, sky; breath 2 amusement, sport; air-spinner, spider
aerda pertaining to the air , aerial, light as air; Of mounting a horse
air- before, for but later also with merely intensive force
camáir, -aír dawn, daybreak
1 dé 1 Smoke, fume; smoke, vapour; a smoky fire; smoke and vapour; the smoke of a fired gun; odorous smoke as that of incense; smoke, fume as the symbol of Satan and the demons; smoke or fume, arising from the anger of the righteous2the smoke from the hearth or house-fire 3 Vapour or steam, arising from heat4 Haze, misty appearance, watery vapour 5A gust or blast of air 6 breath, the breath as the principle of life, soul 7 grief, sorrow, sadness
1 droch 1 bad air; a bad manuscript; badly clad (?); evil bequests; evil consequences; noxious humour; dejection, despondency; bad tidings; ill deserts; folly, senselessness; ill behaviour; malice; evil eye; derangement of the stomach; low in degree, mean 2 ill-tasting; ill-coloured; misshapen; ill-arranged, ill-proportioned; inordinate 3 dark, obscure
es(s)air 1 strewing, litter; straw or rushes used for floor-covering, bedding; litter for cattle, also a strawpallet; bedding; lining for a grave (?); things strewn about in disorder, an untidy litter, a mess 2 food, meat; dismembered carcase; dish; dish
etarbúas, etarúas in mid-air , aloft; bustle, tumult, fright, madness, Buil[e] Suib[ne]
1 ethiar the upper air , or ether
fet 1a whistling or hissing sound; soughing; Of sound of a sword cleaving the air; whizz of bullets; Of pipe of birds 2a pipe used for blowing
2 séis 1 musical art 2 air , strain, melody
1 úachtar 1the upper part or surface of anything, the top; over (of clothes); upper part (of a house); Of a grave; Of the air; upper, uppermost; foremost; above (denoting rest); to be on top, supreme, victorious; up, upward 23the upper part of milk, cream 4 name of a plant (lit. cream to the bottom) supposed to turn milk into cream, if milk-pail is scoured with it5the upper of a shoe
ucht 1 breast, bosom; of Christ's wounded side; breast-work (Arch.); in sense of dear, beloved (cf. bosom friend); bosom; lap; in, at, on the bosom or breast of, in (to) the arms of, in (to) the lap of, on (to) the knees of:; in the care of, under the protection of; takes refuge with, seeks the pro- tection of; the breast of an animal 2O bright bosom; applied to various other parts of the body; the palm of the hand; of the elbow; Of the finger; the bosom of a garment; Metaph. of the air , clouds; the interior of a vessel; the prow of a ship; applied to various surfaces analogous in shape to human breast viz. breast of a hill; a gulf or bay; in the midst thereof; In proverbial and other expressions denoting to face, front etc.; approaches, faces, advances towards, sets out for; attacks; sets about, begins (to); approaches, faces; Freq. of a hostile encounter; face to face 3from the middle of, out of, from; in the name of, representing, on behalf of; Of poetry, justice, etc.; instead of, in place of (in a disparaging sense.; because of, on account of; for the sake of (purpose); in front of; over against; opposite; before, or at the beginning of:; against; besides'; before (of space or time), in front of, facing (of position); immediately before, on the point of; for, for the purpose of, with a view to, as a provision for; against 4 breast, bosom; Of the forepart of a raft; breast-smiting; front board of a chariot; a breastplate; `breast-hill'; a poitrel, armour for a horse's breast (?); a corslet (lit. breast-covering); a breast- wound; `heartfelt sorrow'; adoption; a breast-plate; fair-breasted; white-bosomed; broad- breasted, of animals; Of the sea; smooth-breasted; bright-breasted