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vn. of ar-éirig. act of rising: maten moch iar n-uréirgiu, Ériu iv 150.16 . bui Cormac . . .oc uréirghi, RC xxv 28.1 . airérge ndorchai getting up in the dark, Rawl. B. 512, 37b (cited from Contribb.). Of rising up in token of homage: cia measom do cain tsaorraith? — manchuine ┐ ureirge, ZCP xv 240 § 2 = Laws ii 194.2 (according to the gloss here a client was bound to rise three times before his lord in token of fealty). dligid gach flaith urerge .i. taoibi no gluine .i. é 'na suide .i. trí seoit isin cétna nem-urerge for failing to rise the first time, O'D. 514 ( H 3.17, 417 -8). craumfes . . . .i. in cet aurerge .i. mad ro mheatha forsan ceile, O'Curry 876 ( H 3.18, p. 393a ). riar aurerge .i. fireirghe reme fa tri san enlo, O'D. 1010 (H. 2.15, p. 16). trí hurergi (in a list of dues), 511 ( H 3.17, c. 415 ). mine o sin amach ┐ urerghe (of a felmac) i.e. the student is obliged to be docile and to respect his tutor, Laws ii 354.20 Comm. ni do aithech doghniu-sa ureirghi, Lism. L. 1881 . amus a.¤ a special kind of servant : sechtmadh saire do amus urerge na bi rechtaire ┐ na bí fear coimsi acht a corp gnima fadeisin, O'Curry 2445-6 ( Eg. 88 36(37)c) . Laws ii 24.23 . ? aurgeirgi .i. aurnaidhe righ do gres dia manchaine, O'Curry 473 ( H 3.18, 248 ).