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Last Revised: 2019

v (cf. 1 airle)

(a) advises, counsels: is he nodairlestar ar a gais it was he gave advice on account of his wisdom, Ériu iii 140.158 (= conid he roscobair tria gaes, Cymmr. xiv 116 § 17 ). dilmuin do boethuib nad nairliut gaith fools whom the wise do not advise are exempt, Laws ii 82.7 = na nairliter, O'Curry 684 (H. 3.18 p. 333). Cf. airlethfimne na hóga .i. do ghéunam leathnughadh no comhairliughadh ar na laochaibh, O'Cl. (airle). With prep. DO: is and airlestar Eithne . . . dia haitib dul doib . . . advised her fosterers, Ériu iii 140.156 (= dobreth E. iarsin comairle dia meithre, Cymmr. xiv 116 § 17 ). ? táet Lugaid chuci or Ailill ┐ ara n-airlathar dó in n-ingin and let him advise him [to accept] the girl(?), LU 5864 = taet L. chuci or siat, ┐ aranarlathar, ZCP ix 154.22 (see ad-gládathar).

(b) consults, asks advice of: airliter cumni cóich comarbai cré, LU 3474 ( SCC² § 25 `let memories be consulted to learn to which heir the land belongs'). collaa dún . . . issa ndúnad co n-airlither (.i. co n-iarfaigea) Lugaid mac Nóiss, 5991 ( TBC-I¹ 1523 ). is imbe rotairles sech na ridiribh eile, Grail 2846 . deliberates, considers: mani airlestar, TBC-I¹ 74 (`if heed is not taken of him', Faraday 5 ).

(c) takes a resolution, resolves, determines: roairlesatar Connachta . . . techtaireda ūaidib, TBC-I¹ 3098 . ? In cheville: arnamāirech doibh / for muir miadh (= mad?) airleth (: bairgedh), ZCP x 344 § 12 . tiucfa la Flann Cinach / a coimpert madh airledh (: bairgen) well has it been decided(?), § 21 . ro-airliset īerom Connachtae i comairle cid di-gēndais 'the Connachtmen then decided in council what they should do', BDC 122.282 .

(d) looks after, sees to: arndip maith nairlethar a muintir `that he care well for his household', Wb. 28b32 . nipa díless duit an í hi tái mani cáinairlither gl. si permanseris in bonitate, 5b38 . Note also: airlethar no móras gl. sed quem Dominus commendat, 17b22 (wrong interpretation of commendat?).

(e) arranges, regulates: arlifimni na hócu chena conná gébat forsin tslóg (of the Galióin), LU 4648 ( TBC-I¹ 187 ). ? dia ard airlathar / aingel indrechta, 1156 (ACC). is and ro airled ri ┐ aithech here (i.e. in the Senchas Mór) was fixed (the difference between) king and serf, ZCP xvi 175 § 2 ( Laws i 40 ). is and ro-airled dire cáich fo miad, § 3 (ib.). is i Senchas Mor ro-airletha na cetheora cána, 176 § 6 . it teora eirce airliter, Laws iii 26.17 .i. erluaidhter na teora eirce, 25 Comm. slicht eitgedh airligter, 536.3 .i. eraluaiter aisneis na eirci, z Comm. ? ni ragaid mani deib cumachtachaib / arlidir crib coternam, LL 1620 = manab dib cumachta clanntar / crib airlither cat .i. munab cumachtach sibh ar erluadh no ar urfoichill catha do cor co crib no . . . biodh urfoichill chatha co luath libh, Leb. Gab.(i) 254.7 = ni raghadh muna deibh clandtar cirb airligther cath, BB 40a54 . prescribes, decrees: bailechro a n-ifernd ro-n-airlestar Dia fri pianadh na pecdhach `which God has designed', Ériu ii 132 § 108 . nad inand airlither Dīa do gach dāen, Anecd. v 23.2 .

Note also: conidnarlaid (.i. co roairlestar) síth iar sáeth, Thes. ii 332.17 .