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Forms: aididi

n, f. vn. of ad-daim. aididi (ón umhla) f., IGT Decl. § 3 . act of acknowledging, admitting; acknowledgement .

(a) Legal meanings. Of recognition of ownership of property: deit[i]u didiu saegal comarba, a.¤ saegal a dó . . . is ann as rudradh o rosaigh co cuiciur, ZCP xii 363.19 i.e. when heirs to land succeed one another d. is the name of a claim to ownership made by the first, a.¤ by the second, see ZCP xv 347 . Cf. aiditiu .i. aith-dēti .i. dētiu iterum īar n-aditiu la nech ele prius , Corm. Y 36 . fuaslaicthi cach rudrad forsna hiadha aititiugh every prescriptive right that acknowledgement does not close is annulled, O'Curry 425 (H 3 18, 232a) = Laws v 496.2 . gellta dib . . . la C. . . . di detiu di comdetiu di aircsiu di a.¤ i.e. pledges were given for them by C. in regard to the various forms of claim (of stolen cattle), Laws i 64.8 . air naisc[id] re ┐ a.¤ ┐ degbal . . . is de ata . . . dilsighther for aititin, ZCP xiii 24.2 `Anerkennung (von der andern Seite) . . . bindet . . . festgehalten werde auf Grund von Geschehen-Lassen (von der andern Seite)', Bürgschaft 12 § 39 . nī bbuī dīlse na a.¤ la fer for n-ecrad `der Mann, gegen welchen (as) besetzt wurde, hatte weder Eigentumsrecht noch Zugeständnis (des Eigentümers)', ZCP xv 346 § 37 . dechmaid na aititin i.e. a testing period of ten days during which the defect in a purchased article could be brought to the notice of the seller, O'Curry 261 (H 3.18, 151). Of recognising a transaction: is iubaile aititen saire in sain (of the expiration of the term of agreement between lord and tenant), ZCP xv 240 § 3 . baeth cach crecas fri mac mbeoathar i necnairc a athar cen forgaire cen aititin i.e. it is foolish to deal with a son whose father is absent without securing a prior direction or acknowledgement (of the transaction) by the father, Laws iii 8 y . a n-aititin tighi fithi do denam ar a ferand, v 316.9 Comm. duine ro bai a naiditain fogla . . . do denam fris `who was cognizant of the commission of a trespass . . . against him', iv 50.7 Comm. sena iar na.¤ denial after acknowledgement (of a crime), iii 108.8 .

Technical term for a type of marriage where a simple acknowledgement (a.) by the father or family of the girl sufficed. A woman married in this way was known as ben (or bē) (n-)aititen and her status was lower than that of the cétmuinter. See Stud. in E. Ir. Law 109 f. , Ir. Recht 27 f. ben aittiten aranaiscc fine, Ir. Recht 27 § 30 . ben aiteten nad aurnascar nad forngarar, 28 § 31 . mad iarnu urnadmaim no aititen dia finib, 64 § 4 . aititen .i. ad-daimther i nn-aithig tigi ┐ ni bi primben ┐ ni haurnascar, 4 § 2 .

G s. as attrib.: aithne n-aititen, a special kind of deposit , SM Facs. 55b40 ( Laws v 196.3 ). ? eoin aititin (leg. -en) `domestic fowls', Laws v 166.6 .i. cerca ┐ geodh, 19 Comm. aenach n-aiditan (sic) `an acknowledged fair-green,' 484.3 .

(b) In general sense: senae iar naititiu, Gael. 50, 129 ( Blathm. 396 ). co sid ┐ co tairisi do ┐ co n-aididin clemhnusa fris, Aen. 1610 . ferr atitiu acsin, RC xlv 23 § 25 = ferr aicsi aitidin, 86 § 72 . ? a.¤ (aidide v.l.) cech indraic, Tec. Corm. § 15.37 .

(c) act of submitting (do to); recognition, submission: fo dáigh a naitide do M. `because they had submitted to M.,' AFM ii 640.x . gan umhla gan aittidin, vi 2034.10 . do rinne gach uile aiditte ┐ umhla dó, ITS xvi 34.25 . cinuid sin do nach dlegar cis . . . acht atitiu nama `but were bound to give recognition only', Cog. 54.8 . do-beir a.¤ do submits to: tabhraidh aitídín dam-sa ┐ dober ceandus daibh, BB 22a27 . cia toíseach . . . da ttiubrattais umhla no aidide, AFM iii 366.13 . aen ammait . . . da tabratis uile aitite ┐ uaisle (Erictho), CCath. 3954 . ní thabuir cách aididi d'Áed, IGT Decl. ex. 186 .