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adv. (prep. al + suff. pron. 3 s. n., GOI § 825 ) yonder: al-fid .i. ala[i] ri (sic leg.) fid, Corm. Y 298 . ar n-glanad a claideam-tir doib allae `when they had cleared their sword-land yonder', Todd Nenn. lxxi 28 . co nnóebaib Alban alla (: clanna) (.i. fri muir anair), Thes. ii 306.3 (Hy. i). co fríth úath-blad alla (: glanda), Metr. Dinds. iv 198.48 . in cath alla cionn comair fris, TBC St. 4672 . Freq. in combinations with other advs. of place, with which it later forms compounds, see allaboss, allamaig, allanair, allanall, allandess, allaníar, allanís, allasíar, allastig, allathair, allathall, allathes, allathíar, allathís, allathúaid. Note also alla alla for Cu Chulaind cía fil alla?, LU 9090 .