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allabrig , -brug

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Last Revised: 2013


adj (? 1 aile + bríg Ériu xxxvi 166-68 ) in phrase a.¤ n-aí used of one of three sets of circumstances in which honey is due from (the owner of) bees even during their first three years: dlegait beich iii bliadain ( -an, SM Facs. 10b ) suire . . . ni dlegait in cetardoit sin ni doib ach a chain cuisc na allabrig naie no miann ngalair, Laws iv 164.4 . allabrig naie .i. daethain taisig na daime, 166.7 Comm. ollbrughe noe, O'Curry 2197 ( Eg. 88 f. 8(9)a ). ollabruig nai, Laws iv 162.23 Comm. allabrug nae, 174.13 Comm. 24 Comm. allabruig nae, 176.4 . Cf. alabrug under 1 aile C I (a).