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Last Revised: 2019


n indecl. (Lat. ante tertiam [horam]) the first daylight canonical hour (Ériu xli 3-7 ): septies in die laudem dixi .i. antert tert sest noon fescer midnoct maten , Thes. i 3.35 . ceileabhrad a.¤ (measuim gurb ar primh do beir se a.¤ eo quod sit ante tertiam), Rule of Tallaght § 90 . o espartain aidche nDomnaig có a.¤ día Lúain, Trip.² 1418 . cf. co hainteirt dia luain, ICM² 148.48 . co ha.¤ óin nínglúaisea no one should stir himself till the first daylight canonical hour, Ériu iii 100 § 23 .