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o, n. Vn. of ad-boind. act of proclaiming, giving notice . In Laws used of the period of notice given before the process of athgabál is begun: [d]o airlither anta for athgabala ┐ da napa[d] do cuisin do cach athgabail . . . a.¤ cuicthe do fechemuin ┐ a.¤ dechmaide do feine, Laws i 262.20 . cintach cach fine iar n-elodh iar n-apa iar n-urfogra, 264.14 . robui in athgabail cen anad cen apadh cen dithim, 80.7 Comm. nocha ninnruighi é . . . a gabail athgabala . . . muna roibe fath is deach aice in gach sofis anta ┐ apuid, ii 88.16 Comm. a.¤ naile o mhnaoi ┐ tesus is tir a foircend na haoile ┐ anadh se la notice of two days is given by a woman and she goes into the land at the end of two days, iv 22.16 Comm. abad teora dechmadh do tabairt iman ferann; abad cach lae do tabairt ime re re na cétdechmaidhe, 2.18 Comm. muna fuil forus aice etir, nocha nfuil re do acht apud raite air i.e. if he has no land of his own he is given the notice of common land, ii 90.9 Comm. iar naimsir apaid . . . uair inann a.¤ ┐ urḟoccra sunn, O'Curry 1444 (H 3.18, 645a). cin a.¤ .i. focedoir; cin forfogra .i. iardain, 2245 ( Eg. 88, 18(19)a ). a.¤ ┐ forais, Cáin Ad. 39 . ? Matudán miad / a.¤ mál ial (a.¤ adbal ial v.l.) / cotgaib cach riad / roimdidi, IT iii 57 § 109 . Note also: adhbo .i. abach .i. earfhuagra, O'Cl.

See also dían-apad .

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