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Forms: aircsiu

v (*ar-ad-cí) (a) observes, witnesses: nech aridaccai `any one who witnesses it', Cáin Ad. 35 . fer tailge a ceathra a nathbothar a ceile no ar-do-aice and, Laws v 464.7 (`the man who lets his cattle into the winter grass of his neighbour or who observes them there', Ériu ix 113 ). tigradus cach sellaig (sic leg.) ar-aice midenum .i. intan atcí nech mil oc dul i nocus do chuithe, O'Curry 328 (H 3.18, 180b) ( ZCP xv 344 ). ardosfaicce (atchi v.l.) ri O. . . . iar ndenam a n-aittreib `the king of O. observed them . . . after they had built their dwellings', Cymmr. xiv 114 § 14 . Achall araicci (sic leg., Corr.) Temair which confronts T., Metr. Dinds. i 46.1 , 20 (cf. conid i nAchaill ar Themair ro boí, LU 4378 ). Cf. for-aicci.

Vn. aircsiu.