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Forms: airchoillte

v (*ar-coll-)

(a) prohibits, forbids, bars, inhibits: cen lepaid aracuili liaig which a leech does not recognize, Críth G. 55 . feli napstal i samchorgos ni aurchoil som inn figill `he does not forbid the vigil', Mon. Tall. 145.15 (§ 48) . andand donetarrat míaccobar . . . ma atrocuil am menme nad cometesta dó if the mind forbids that one should indulge it(?), 151.11 (§ 62) . cid nocht-selaind i ndomnaigib . . . ni aurchaill he does not forbid it, Rule of Tallaght 3 . arcuilter he is forbidden (excluded from the community?), Ériu ii 208.4 (one who travels on Sunday).

Freq. in Laws (text) indicating (categories of) persons and things excluded from the operation of legal processes of various kinds: atait secht foruis . . . arachuille coir n-athgabala there are seven pounds for cattle which the legality of distraint excludes i.e. there are seven illegal pounds for cattle, Laws v 266.19 . secht treaba . . . ariscuille coir urnadhma aithne, 160.1 (i.e. valuables deposited in a kiln, a forge, etc. where they are easily destroyed do not come under the ordinary rules for `aithne'). atait secht treba . . . aracuille coir urnadma comloi[g]the, 166.1 .i. is urcuillti . . . do reir coir, 7 Comm. atat da fer dec . . . arroscuile cain otrusa `whom the law of nursing excludes', BCrólige 12 . atat .iii. tarsu[i]nn arachuile cain othrusa, 25 , cf. trí tharsuinn archuillet othras, Triads 184 . nach fer eclusa aracuile cain otrusa, BCrólige 20 . acht m[a] arachuille (sic leg. ?) cleircecht no enudha unless it does not apply because of his being in orders, Laws iii 62.5 . tri meich bracha cen on . . . ara-cuilli(u) eric do flaith three sacks of malt without a fault . . . which exempt from payment of a fine to a lord, ZCP xiv 354 § 11 ( Laws ii 250.1 ). Note further: ni airecht ardocuilli col mbél, col brethe, ZCP xii 364.14 . rotbia . . . acht aen ar[a]-cuillimm airiut `save one that I bar to thee', Ériu xvi 38.4 . na urcuilte[r] rath .i. fear aracuilter a rath amail druth ┐ mac beoathar, O'Curry 787 ( H 3.18, 367b ). ni urcuil Nae . . . is inti Cam, O'D. 971 (H 3.17, c. 679c). ni haile Apraham ara cuille galliud, O'Curry 2529 ( Eg. 88, f. 44(45)a ). ni ma n-urcoillead lanamnus a thing for which marriage was forbidden(?), Laws v 452.18 .

(b) ruins, corrupts(?): naro ercoillet do mifoltae tromthortha na tuath `lest thy misdeeds ruin the heavy fruits of the people', Ériu viii 173.17 (or as in (a)?). fri cech fiss ara-chuiliu corp ┐ anmain duini against every knowledge that corrupts(?) man's body and soul, Thes. ii 357.9 ( = Trip.² 3203 ).

? Vn. urcollud bith brug betha go banna, O'Dav. 312 . Part. airchoillte. Cf. aircholl, aurchail(l).