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Forms: -irmadadar, -ermaitis, -irmissid, -irmastá, -érrmadair, -irmadatar, -armadatar, airmaisiu

v ( air-mid-, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 578 . See also 385 where irmith, Wb. 12d24 , is regarded as a possible ipv. 2 s.) Indic. pres. 3 s. -irmadadar, Wb. 28a21 . Indic. impf. 3 pl. -ermaitis, Laws i 24.33 Comm. ( -ermaititis, 24.11 Comm. ). Subj. pres. 2 pl. -irmissid, Wb. 27c29 . Subj. impf. pass. sg. -irmastá, LL 290a14 . Pret. and perf. 3 s. -érrmadair, LU 6025 . 3 pl. -irmadatar, Wb. 5b2 . -armadatar, Ml. 54d17 .

Vn. airmaisiu. IGT Verbs § 65 .

(a) hits (a mark), aims at, strikes: focheird . . . in sleig . . . co n-érrmadair áth a da chulad, LU 6025 ( TBC-I¹ 1558 ). 's é lacht rodasurmaid (of milking cows), Metr. Dinds. iii 220.48 .

(b) attains to, succeeds in doing something: ni irmadatar fírinni tri rad `they attained not truth through grace', Wb. 5b2 . conirmissid taithesc coir do cach grád `so that you may attain the answer proper to every grade', 27c29 . ní ermadair nech díb a suidi none of them succeeded in sitting, BDD² 1376 . ni ermadair . . . aichne adnacuil a maicc, Trip.² 1441 . intan nod (nád ?) nermaititis . . . a fir aicned (leg. aicnid) do cuiredh bolga for a ngruadaib when they did not attain to truth (of judges), Laws i 24.11 Comm. 'ga teigema in tigernus no ar a n-uirmesa in aird-rige or who may attain the monarchy, MR 146.16 .

See airmaisid.