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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: airthoingid, airthach

v (ar-tong-. Cf. Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 653 , Lochlann ii 213 ). swears on behalf of, guarantees by oath(?): artungsa déu I vouch by the gods(?), LU 5504 (= artungu, TBC-I¹ 1023 ); 'I swear in the presence of gods' Bechbretha 137 ; 'I swear to the gods' ZCP xlvii 69 ; 'I swear by the gods' Celtic Language, Celtic Culture 49 . gaid essomon bliadna do ┐ aretoing. Ni rag thorat, ol se, em dia taithmenaid dia bliadna, ol C. Aretoin[g] in ri in bliadain aile. Aretoing a ben in tres bliadain she begged him for a year's respite and swears to stand by it(?), Anecd. iii 59.4 . nach grád bes uaisle araile, is e artuing araill, O'Curry 1982 ( H 4.22, 19 ). artongad a testa urrthach, 2420 ( Eg. 88, 33 (34)a ). Subj. 2 s. confodlae riasiu artois .i. fodail in feich dlighther and mana lamtar nech a urrtach, O'Curry 612 (H 3.18, 297). ? Fut. 3 p. artitsat toraid audbretha, RC xxvi 38 § 199 ( LL 188b28 ) `fruits (by their decay) will bear witness to false judgments', Strachan 39 n. 4 . Stokes would read: art[ó]itsat t. [tria] a.¤ `through false judgments fruits will fall'. The gloss is: toetsat ass na toraid triasna gubretha.¤ Cf. fortithsat, O'Dav. 1588 . Also as simple vb. airthoingid: cach uair urtoingeas in fer a meamar (in an affiliation case), Laws v 454.26 Comm.

Vn. airthach.

Cf. for-toing.